Friday, 8 December 2017

Coco's advent Day 8: London Part 2: Dolce and Gabbana at Harrods...

Hello lovelies and happy Fri-yay!

Day 8 of Coco's advent is going to be quite a visual one, as I show you Harrods Christmas Window and give a little sneak peek at the Dolce and Gabbana Christmas Market!  Whilst I was still dreaming about being in London, an article appeared on Vogue Daily a few weeks back with the news that this year, Dolce and Gabbana (click the link to see the fun Christmas Gift Guide!) would be taking over the Harrods Christmas window AND opening an Italian Christmas market inside selling D and G goodies!  D&G are Christmas super-fans, so being massive on Christmas myself, I knew that the window this year would be spectacular, and it certainly didn't disappoint!  Imagine a world where Domenico and Stefano have been morphed with the Muppets and they're creating Christmas in their little world, and you're halfway towards the reality of this amazing and magical display.

The Harrods Christmas tree complete with Italian lighting design, stands proudly outside the store

It's fun; all-singing, all-dancing, perfectly festive and completely child-friendly, you'd be mad to miss it if you're in London this Christmas!  The market itself, nestled away on the fourth floor, it's absolutely charming.  Traditional market stalls adorned with D & G t-shirts, clothing, toys and other goodies; you'll almost believe you're at an actual market (even if all of the goodies do come with a hefty price tag; but it is Harrods after all!).  I didn't want to take photos of the market for fear of being removed, but here's one I took from the doorway just to give you a little idea of what's in store for you should you visit, and if you can, I definitely would!

Thanks for reading, what do you think of the Harrods Christmas window?

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