Thursday, 7 December 2017

Coco's advent Day 7: London Part 1: Burberry, Selfridges and Karl...

Hello lovelies!

For Day 7 of Coco's advent, I've decided to do a series within a series!  Yes, I recently came back from my annual Christmas trip to London, so I thought I'd share the more fashionable and arty parts of the trip here on Coco!  I hope this helps put you in the festive mood and hopefully might give you some inspiration if you're visiting London before Christmas too and wondering what to get up to whilst you're there!  SPOILER ALERT!  Each of these London posts will feature many of the Christmas windows of the bigger department stores, so if you're visiting and want to wait to see them in person, look away now!

Let's start with Burberry...

I've lost count of the amount of times I've waxed lyrical about how much I love 121 Regent Street, aka Burberry's flagship store, on Coco.  If you scroll through my previous posts, I bet it gets a mention at least ten times!!  If you're a regular reader, you'll remember that I recently visited Thomas's at Burberry for afternoon tea with my bestie and main side-chick, Natalie (here).  We had an amazing time, so much so that I thought I'd take my Mister to start our festive weekend off on a high!  Don't worry, I'm not going to write the same post all over again, but I thought I'd share some photos of our amazing afternoon tea, and a few that I took whilst in the store.

 Some of the cakes were slightly different this time, we got Dundee cake and a tangy tangerine pastry!

 We loved the transparent teapot and Darjeeling tea so much, we hunted one down whist shopping so we can now have our own Darjeeling experience at home!

I'd love to say that the little bag of goodies was for me, but it's a Christmas present! Shhhhh!  Afternoon tea at Burberry is definitely becoming a firm favourite of mine-it's amazing!

 Selfridges Christmas window...

After meeting friends at Winter Wonderland and then ending up having a tipple just around the corner from Selfridges, meant that I got to see the Christmas windows in all of their shining glory whilst heading back for the tube.  A great pearl of wisdom that I can share with you now is, if you want to take photos of any Christmas windows, visit at night!  They're all lit up, you don't have to fight people for space and you get very little reflection from anywhere else interfering with the photos!  I spent ages gazing in all of the windows (I love Visual Merchandising!!) and I even got to tickle Moz the Monster's feet at the John Lewis Christmas window; a wonderful and unexpected surprise!



John Lewis...

 If you're unfamiliar with Moz the Monster, you can watch the advert here

Karl Lagerfeld...

It's been a while since I visited the Karl Lagerfeld store on Regent Street, but decided to pop in whilst I was passing (my Mister was also interested in seeing the menswear).  If you love Chanel and Karl, his own brand still carries the more futuristic side of the Chanel aesthetic but at a way more affordable price.  There were at least twenty things I could've bought whilst I was there, but as I'm trying to watch my spends with Christmas just around the corner, I settled for this funky little phone case which totally appealed to my inner Francophile... this space for a few mirror selfies featuring this little beauty!

Thanks for reading Day 7 (and Part 1 of my London series!),

Until next time,



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