Saturday, 23 December 2017

Coco's advent Day 23: What to wear if you're starring in a Christmas pop video...

Hello lovelies!

We're nearly there, just two more sleeps to go!  To celebrate, I've been watching the Christmas music channels constantly, so just for fun I thought I'd put together an outfit guide for what to wear should you ever find yourself starring in your own!  Enjoy...and Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

Christmas jumpers are okay...

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If it's good enough for George Michael, it's good enough for you.  Spend some time perfectly coiffing your hair into said eighties style, then add Christmas jumper of choice.  And remember, don't forget your oversized coat, should you decide to have a snowball fight or roll around in the snow...

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If in doubt, choose fur and lots of it...

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Coordinate your fur with your friend's fur for a collective festive look.  If in doubt, wear furry boots that resemble abominable snowman and team them with a mini skirt, perfect outfit for the snow.  If legs turn blue, borrow a floor length fur from a friend (make sure it's faux fur too!).

If you look like you're a worker from the North Pole, you've hit perfection...

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Channel your inner Mariah Carey, and go for a sultry Santa look.  Red is the best colour palette, but if you can't get red, elf green is a good second choice.  Still not feeling the look?  Add the perfect Christmas accessory...

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Yes, that's right, you simply can't go wrong with a reindeer.  Just make sure you bring a tonne of carrots to keep him happy, and make sure you give him enough time to get home to do his important shift with Santa on Christmas Eve.

Not sure how to accessorise?

If in doubt, use the Christmas presents and the gift wrap, just like Leona Lewis!  Who needs Christmas jewellery when you can use bows?!  Genius!

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What about something spectacular for your big solo moment?

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Look no further than Mrs Christmas herself, Kelly Clarkson; when dressing for Christmas, nobody does it better.  A dress fit for a ball provides perfection for that all eyes on you moment (just make sure you hit the high notes!).

Merry Christmas!

Until tomorrow,

Kay xxx


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