Monday, 18 December 2017

Coco's advent Day 18: the perfect winter lip from a blonde girl's perspective...

Hello lovelies!

Can you believe that Christmas is a week today?!  Eek!

Today behind door eighteen I thought I'd share some lipstick love, as I feel that this winter I've found my perfect shade!

I'm currently embracing a deep, dark wintery red and switching between two shades.  The one above is the first, Burberry Kisses in Oxblood, which has been my favourite go to shade for autumn/winter.  You'll definitely have seen me wearing it in blog photos before.  I was always terrified to wear any sort of red for fear of looking a little like a Barbie doll, with my fair skin and hair, but as I've gotten a little older, I've learned to embrace it.  I've had so many nice comments about this shade.  Burberry Kisses lipsticks are amazing; the formula has a satin-finish making it feel smooth on the lips and it's not at all drying!  Burberry Kisses lipsticks are £25 each and so worth the money.  The colour stays well so you won't need to reapply all day long either (I also love English Rose which is my favourite every day shade).

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My second favourite this winter is a slightly cheaper offering from L'Oréal, Domination from the Balmain Colour Riche collection, priced at £12.99.  This shade is more of a red than a plum and is slightly more drying than the Burberry Kisses lipstick, but at half the price, I love it just as much!  My favourite thing about it is it's durability; I've eaten and drank and still had this baby on my lips-now that's staying power!  I'm a massive fan of the Balmain range; I bought three lipsticks when they became available, but this shade will be the one that I'd definitely repurchase.  It's great for a bolder look through the day and is perfectly sultry for a glamorous evening out too-just amazing all round!

Wearing Balmain Domination here (excuse my many chins!!)

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So, if you're a mousey-blonde, fair-skinned girlie like me, don't be afraid to wear red!  There are loads of amazing shades to choose from, and most good makeup counters will help you choose if you're unsure which shade best suits your skin-tone.  Red is quickly becoming my favourite shade, but even with the best staying power, be prepared for lipstick marks on every glass or mug you own...thank god for the dishwasher!!

Until tomorrow, thanks for reading,

Kay xxx

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