Sunday, 17 December 2017

Coco's advent Day 17: Why I'm embracing the Christmas jumper...

Hello lovelies!

I hope your Sunday has been fabulous so far and that you're ready to peek behind door seventeen of Coco's advent!  Today I'm discussing the Christmas jumper and why I'm all for them during the festive period!

I certainly don't remember who wore the first Christmas jumper and what kickstarted the trend, but Christmas jumpers are a massive part of the festivities and can be bought EVERYWHERE!!  I remember when the only way you would ever been seen dead in a Christmas jumper is if someone knit you one and then you'd dread putting it on in case it looked hideous!  Thankfully now, there are options available to suit everyone, whether you want to go hardcore Christmas, or just a tiny bit festive!  Love them or loathe them, it's a certainty that they're here to stay!

I definitely had Christmas jumpers prior to 2015, but that was the year I full-on embraced the trend.  My #ElfieSelfie jumper from H&M is still going strong a couple of years after I bought it and it's always the one I pull out first when wearing Christmas jumpers (any time in December!!) becomes acceptable again!  The Christmas of 2015, I even had a second Christmas jumper for Christmas Day (also a H&M find!).

I can't remember what the slogan was, something like 'Keep Me Warm', but it was glittery and festive and I loved it.  If you want a cuter, more fashionable Christmas jumper, I'd choose H&M every time.  My Mister's was from Next, and they always have a great selection too.

This year, I've bought a couple of new jumpers with a festive vibe!  The on-trend accessory this year, seems to be the interchangeable sequin.  Two slogans for the price of one, you may have seen the Naughty/Nice jumpers on IG and being able to change the slogan is a great way to have fun with a Christmas jumper.  Wanting to be a little different, I went for this one this year...

Santa hat or party hat? Perfect for a Christmas Day birthday baby!

Feeling like it may be a bit too festive to wear right throughout December, I also fell in love with this little red number...

...which, teamed with a red lip (a post on this to follow!) is a perfect winter warmer.  It's oversized and snug, but very French and perfect to roll into January too.  Now, if only I could ski....!

Even if your a super-chic and stylish person, I always think Christmas is a great time to have fun with fashion, and what better way to do that than with a Christmas jumper!  Just a few things to remember when buying yours...

1-If you buy too cheap, expect it to be ill-fitting (same rules apply as with normal clothes!)
2-If you like outlandish and loud, embrace it!  If it's your thing, it's the perfect occasion for it!
3-If it's cashmere or dry-clean only, keep away for sloppy festive foods!
4-Step away from the matching leggings; know when too much is TOO much.
5-Don't wear it after December 31st (unless its a winter jumper rather than a Christmas jumper).  I put mine away on Boxing Day, there has to be a line somewhere!

I hope you'll be embracing a festive knit this December,

Until tomorrow,

Kay xx


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  1. I’m so happy that Christmas jumpers are everywhere now. I remember a few years ago I really wanted one but there were impossible to find! Love whoever decided to make them fashionable !


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