Saturday, 16 December 2017

Coco's advent Day 16: Everyone should have Christmas Eve pyjamas...

Hello lovelies and happy weekend!

Today's post is all about new Christmas Eve pyjamas!  We've had this rule since I was a little girl, that you should always have new pyjamas for Christmas Eve and this is a tradition that I've happily carried into adulthood; my Mam still buys me some new Christmas Eve pyjamas every year!  I thought everyone did this, and although many of my friends do, I know people who think the idea of this is quite frankly, madness (my Mister being one of those people!).  But everyone loves new pyjamas, right?  So why not have extra special ones for Christmas Eve!  Here are some of my favourites...

For the Christmas lovers...

Ebay have lots of options for the whole family.  These elf pjs are my favourite; there's even something for the dog!

Available here from £13.99

Or maybe you just want to be like Buddy?  Then you'll love these from Tesco!
Elf pyjamas available at Tesco (image from Pinterest)

Looking for something cuter?  How about these?

Similar pjs here at ASOS, £24

Something a bit more glamorous....

If you're a bit more of a glamour puss and festive offerings aren't really your thing, here are some lovely pyjamas that would still serve a purpose on Christmas Eve!

Hush, £49.50

Boux Avenue, £48.00

Lipsy camisole set, £40, Next

Christmas without the tack?  Tartan pyjamas are what you need!

V by Very, £25

JD Williams, £25

Marks and Spencer, £12.50 (and they're pure cotton too!)

Hey, shorty!

If, like me, you prefer sleeping in short pyjamas, there are loads of lovely festive options out there to suit you too!  Here are a couple that I've seen...

Fat Face, £35

Asos, £19.50

Victoria's Secret (spotted here on Pinterest)

I hope you've seen something here that you like, or that I've given you some inspiration to hunt for your own pair of pretty Christmas pjs!  There are loads of quirky options in places you wouldn't necessarily shop for pyjamas, such as eBay and Amazon too, and most are at bargain prices!  Remember, it's okay to be stylish at bedtime-even at Christmas.  I hope your Christmas Eve pjs are warm, cosy and festive this year!

Do you have new pyjamas for Christmas Eve? Which have you chosen this year?

Until tomorrow,

Kay xx


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