Thursday, 14 December 2017

Coco's advent Day 14: Vintage attire...

Hello lovelies!

Today is a little style post from a couple of vintage gigs I've had recently.  I've mentioned on Coco before, but in my normal job I'm a vocal coach and occasional singer (the occasion usually being Christmas!) and at Christmastime, I'm lucky enough to have a bit of a vintage style/jazz/Christmas residency in both Katie's Garden and Serendipity in Sunderland.  It's so lovely to style myself in a way I wouldn't normally dress in every day life, particularly with a Christmas twist as I love Christmas so much!  This year, both of my outfits were what I wore for Katie's Garden as I was in London the weekend I'd normally sing at Serendipity.  I love doing festive gigs as for me, it always feels like the start of Christmas!

On Friday, I went for a full-skirt and petticoat ensemble.  My dress is from Lindy Bop and the petticoats were a gift from a friend.  I always feel so festive in this dress, anything tartan always makes me feel like it's Christmas!  I'm not a fan of heels when I sing, so I paired my dress with my trusty Primark bumblebee shoes; the velvet helped to add to the feeling of Christmas grandeur!

For Sunday's gig however, I went for an alter-neck, figure-hugging number...

I absolutely love this dress and always feel super glamorous wearing it (which I needed on Sunday as I was absolutely full of cold!!!).  Again, I wouldn't normally pair this dress with tights but there was snow so I didn't want to freeze before I'd even got there!

I know lots of people now tend to wear vintage-inspired clothing in their every day lives, but for me it's my singing armour; it's always nice to feel super dressy when I perform!  Paired with a Balmain  lip (it lasts all day that colour!) I felt like a bombshell!  The worst bit is having to take it all off when I got home....if only I could feel super glam every day *sigh*!

Thanks for reading,

Until tomorrow xxx

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