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Coco's advent Day 13: Choosing an outfit for Christmas Day...

Hello lovelies!

Peeking behind door 13 of Coco's advent will see us looking at the subject of what to wear on Christmas Day.  I tend to stay in on Christmas Day (other than maybe walking the dog or occasionally going for a run) so I never really give it much thought, but for those of you going out, there are probably a few things to consider; so here are my top five tips for choosing your Christmas Day outfit!

1 A little bit of sparkle goes a long way!

Sparkle was invented for Christmas time, so make sure you embrace it!  Whether it's choosing a Christmas jumper with a few lights and sequins, a sequinned skirt or simply adding a bit of bling to a little black number, you can't go wrong with a little bit of sparkle over the festive period!  Rule to remember; if everything sparkles, you're probably wearing too much!

This bronze sparkly Marks and Spencer's Archive By Alexa shirt was my favourite from last Christmas!  H & M have lots of festive numbers to choose from this year, just incase you need some inspiration, follow the link to see an amazing silver dress that would be perfect for any festive outing (at time of posting!).

2 Choosing fitted might not be the best option

It's Christmas Day and you're out having a festive Christmas lunch with the family.  There's probably going to be a starter (usually a vegetable soup), Turkey, all the trimmings and Yorkshire puddings for main and then probably a very generous helping of a super filling dessert.  A body-con dress probably isn't the most suitable choice...your stomach is going to grow, make sure it has somewhere to grow to otherwise you could have a wardrobe malfunction on your hands!  My tip; if you still want to do fitted, take a large clutch bag to carry afterwards; it hides a multitude of sins!

Image credit here 

3 Christmas jumpers are cool on Christmas Day

Well actually, cool might not be the right term, maybe acceptable might be better used!  Yes my friends, everyone loves a Christmas jumper on Christmas Day (it's usually my weapon of choice for a stay at home outfit).  They're cosy, cute (or outrageous depending on personal preference) and are great for hiding a food-baby.  Plus, it's the one day of the year where wearing something that fun is totally acceptable without judgement.  I'd maybe stay away from the matching turkey-shaped hat though if you want to look more chic than geek (a cracker hat is where it's at!).

4 Make sure you invest in a good coat

Whatever you choose to wear, I can guarantee if you're in the UK this Christmas, you're definitely going to need a coat!  There are some beautiful dress coats right across the high street this winter (Santa is bringing me a beautiful royal blue one!) in all shapes and sizes so I'd say if you don't already own one, invest in one.  A good coat can add a lot of glamour to an outfit; don't leave home without one!  Mango have some amazing coats this year!  You're welcome!

5 You're only ever a couple of hours away from your pyjamas

You know what it's like, you've eaten all of the food and your pyjamas start calling you from home.  SO, when you get home, just embrace it!  Most of us spend the year working our socks off so if there's a day that you're allowed to be lazy, it's Christmas day!  A good pair of pyjamas are an essential Christmas purchase for Christmas Eve (I'll be doing a separate post about this!) so why not have them as part of your Christmas Day attire too?  And the best part? An elastic waist for all of the Turkey sandwiches you can manage!

Our Christmas Eve attire last year

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See you tomorrow,

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