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London in June Part 1: Brick Lane and Burberry...

Hello lovelies!

I hope this post finds you all well?  I find myself once again apologising for my hiatus, but I'm back with lots to share with you, so expect lots of reading material from me over the next few weeks!!  I thought I'd start with all of the gossip from an amazing weekend I had in London with my Mam way back in June.  We visited London for the Balenciaga retrospective at the V & A, but we managed to get up to lots of other fun things whilst we were there that I thought were worth sharing too!  So much so that I'm going to split our weekend into two parts, starting with the Saturday.  So sit back, grab a cup of tea (or whatever drink floats your boat!) and enjoy...

After a very early train journey from Durham, our first port of call in London was breakfast!  As Brick Lane is one of my favourite areas of London and one which Mama L had never visited, we decided to start the day at Spitalfields market then slowly make our way along to it.  This poached egg and avocado smash on sourdough from Giraffe was the perfect start to the day and fuelled me ready for a day of exploring in the gorgeous June sunshine!

I love how cool and quirky Brick Lane is, and as a lover of fashion, art and photography, I flock there purely for the street art.  As a side note, my friend Kerry who makes the most amazing headscarves and accessories (whom I've talked about before here) has expanded her House of Harrie Hattie fashion business into a bigger venture dubbed 'Off Her Dolly Rocker' and whilst at Brick Lane admiring the street art, I was also tasked with spreading the word!!  What I love most about this area of London is that it is ever changing and for art lovers and creatives, there's always something new to see; so rather than talk about it, here's our Brick Lane experience in photos...

 Would you Adam and Eve it?!

 Spreading some Off Her Dolly Rocker love!

After exploring markets and admiring art, we decided to hop on the tube to Regent's Street as I had a very special purchase to make.  For those of you that follow my Instagram going's on (come say hey here!) you'll definitely have noticed my obsession with Burberry and in particular my Burberry bears.  Well this particular visit to 121 Regent Street was the day I brought home a very special someone...

Sid and Bertie hanging out in Green Park in the sunshine

Yes that's right, I bought Sid (left, named after Sid Vicious of course!).  My Mister bought me Bertie for Christmas and it was instant love, but Sid is for those days when I want to carry an edgier handbag or rucksack; he gives everything a punk rock vibe, don't you think?!  Burberry at 121 Regent Street is one of my favourite places to be!  Thomas's cafĂ© there is simply exquisite, all the of the staff are lovely and helpful and it's such an amazing store all round!  On this particular day, I was taken up to Thomas's to see the fantastically fun Burberry Bear wall...

...perfect for visiting Sid and Bertie in their natural habitat!  The bear's are quite pricey, but with cashmere and leather finishing and the most exquisite detail, if you love Burberry then they're worth every penny.  Thanks to the wonderful staff at Burberry for their amazing service once again!

Much wandering lead to much sunbathing (and ice cream!) in Green Park before we headed back to our hotel to get ready for a delicious nighttime meal.

 We kept it casual, I went for my Oasis dress, Levi's PSG jacket and trusty converse!

We ate at Zizzi, Covent Garden, Mam was so impressed with her hanging skewer!

It was an early finish for us as we wanted to be fresh for our next day's exploring so we headed back to the hotel and were tucked up in bed by 10pm.  Unfortunately, this was also the night of the London Bridge terror attacks and I feel like to would be wrong to write this post without giving it a mention.  It was absolutely terrifying to think that if we'd stayed out longer, we could've been caught up in such a horrific event; one which moved me to tears when I heard about it.  Nothing I can ever say or write will make any of it better for those who lost their lives or members of their family in cold blood that evening, but what I will say is this; I was overwhelmed by how resilient London is as a city and how as a country we've rallied together in light of recent events to show a united front and that love can always conquer hate and evil.  Saturday 3rd June 2017,  gave me some amazing memories with my lovely Mama L that I will carry with me forever, and I have London and its people to thank for that.  Thank you London, and thank you for staying strong in the face of adversity!

Thank you for reading...stay tuned for part 2 when I'll be sharing my insight on the wonderful Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion exhibition!

Until next time lovelies,

Kayleigh x

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