Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Handbags or Rucksacks? Which is the winner?

Hello lovelies!

I'm talking functional fashion today, and it's bags in particular that I'd like to discuss.  If you're a long time reader of Coco, you'll already know that my favourite fashion staple is a good handbag.  If you're a newbie, hello and thanks for reading...FYI I love bags!!  I have bags of all shapes, sizes and brands both high street and designer in my wardrobe; but when I'm shopping, travelling, or working and I need a lot of space, I always favour a tote bag.

In London with my Mister and my well-travelled Louis Vuitton Neverfull

I bought my Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM in 2015 when I turned 30.  I'd always wanted a high-end designer bag so decided that this was the perfect opportunity to treat myself and I have to say, it's travelled to all corners of the globe with me!  It's definitely the most practical of my handbags and very roomy, but because it's a luxury item I try not to use it everyday in fear of it being broken beyond repair (a girl's gotta dream big-but it may be the only one I ever have!!).  The other problem with a tote style handbag is that when it gets full and heavy, my shoulders and arms get heavy too!  

The solution to the problem?  Enter the rucksack...

I'll be honest, I never thought I'd ever use a rucksack (I didn't even have a rucksack when I was at school-I had a satchel!).  I bought this one on the high street at H 'n' M for around £20 (I chose it because it's very similar in style to Burberry's rucksack, yet about a 100th of the price!!) deliberately choosing a cheaper option in case I only used it once.  The first time I used it, I was forever searching all of the pockets for my phone and lipstick, but once you assign a pocket to an object, you're good to go!  It's really practical, has heaps of space inside, and when it gets super heavy, at least I can spread the weight across the two straps; achey shoulders be gone!!  I added the key chain and badges just to make it more individual.  I'm finding that for everyday functionality,  I'm opting for my rucksack more and more and I don't think I'm alone in this.  When I'm shopping, or even just browsing Instagram, I definitely see more rucksacks than ever before; it's like a rucksack revolution!

 With my lovely friend Krissi at a fashion event, rucksack in tow

So what are the deciding factors when choosing handbag or rucksack?  Let's look at this from an everyday practicality perspective.  Say you're at college, or have a super busy lunch hour where you need to commute from one place to another.  You've got lots of stuff to carry, but you have to also eat your lunch on the go, or carry a coffee; in this instance you can't beat a rucksack.  It's the handsfree option, everything is tucked away safely but you can still manoeuvre with ease in a way that you can't always with a tote.  But if you travel light and rarely have the mad dash commute, and you'd favour something more stylish, maybe a tote would be the best choice.  Whichever you chose, if it's an every day bag you need, my advice would be to choose one that's well made.  For long life, chose a really good genuine leather; trust me your bag will last longer and be more durable to every day wear and tear.  Plus there's something really cool about leather; it ages beautifully so even when it's old it can still look amazing when it's a bit on the shabbier side.  If you carry a laptop, just be sure to factor it's size into the mix before you make your final choice; again real leather can help protect your sacred devices due to it's durability.  

So which is better?  Well personally I think that they each have their benefits.  For dress-down days, I'd definitely favour my rucksack but for more formal wear, it would always be a tote.  Both are practical in their own ways and I guess the real favourite is determined by lifestyle choice.  

So now to the verdict; which would you choose?  I don't think I'll ever be able to give up my handbag addiction, but I'll certainly be adding some rucksacks to my collection!


Thank you to MAHI Leather for inviting me to write this article.  All images and opinions are my own.


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