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My French style and I...

Hello lovelies!

Today I'm chatting about style.  Style is one of those things that's quite difficult to define.  We live in a world where everyone craves being stylish and influencers make a fortune from wearing brands and sharing their style.  I've never considered myself to be stylish, but I've always been one of those people that wears what they want.  Although I love fashion (Vogue is my bible) and I always keep up to date with trends, I don't necessarily try to reflect that through my style of dress.  I like to think I have my own style, and certainly as I've gotten older,  I've felt myself really start to hone my own-I wear what I like and what suits my mood each day, and I love designer labels, but I try to mix the few pieces I have up with high street and vintage buys.  I think your style is seen best through the eyes of others; people have always commented on my clothes and my style, but I don't read too much into it; I like that they've noticed! I never try to imitate, and nor should you!

I've read lots of style books, and my favourites are usually by French women, or by those who have lived in France or have spent a lot of time there.  I've always loved nautical colours (red, white and blue-navy in particular!) and even when I was younger, I favoured them over other choices.  Navy has always been my go to colour and with a pop of red lipstick it can look amazing!  Now I'm in my early thirties (bloody hell, how did that happen?!)  I'm finding myself falling back into my French style; I feel confident in a Breton style top, tapered trousers and a pair of Converse.  Let's face it, if I wasn't English, I'd love to be French!  I love the country, particularly Paris and Cannes, and I love the French way of life and aesthetic.  I hope that one day I can retire there! the point of this post I hear you cry?  Well, I have quite a few outfit shots to share and when I put them side by side, I realised just how much I've started to favour this dress code.  There's something about Spring that makes me come over all nautical...

It's finally the time of year where I can wear my Levi's Paris Saint Germain jacket (to be honest I've hardly had it off my back since the sun started to shine!).  I've also been wearing lots of neckerchiefs again, which work really well with this jacket; it's too warm for a scarf now anyways!  I have an enormous Vivienne Westwood neckerchief collection (coming in a post some time soon!); the very first designer piece I ever bought was one of these neckerchiefs and they've been a firm favourite ever since (they retail at around £15-£20...or at least they used to!).  I'm also loving them paired up with my ever growing collection of Breton-striped tops (blogger cliché anyone?!).

 This top was £10 from Zara!

My other obvious Parisian/French style staple is my love of the trench coat.  I once owned a vintage Burberry version, but had to sell it on when I lost quite a lot of weight a few years back.  Since then I've been loving this one from Zara.  Zara are a great go to place for trenches; they come back in stock every season in a variety of lengths and colours, and are a good second to the must have Burberry heritage version (and over £1000 cheaper!).  I also have a Michael Kors trench in navy which is a beauty too!  Here I'm styling it with some of my other Français faves; my neckerchief, a Breton top, my Converse and my Louis Vuitton Neverfull (my favourite handbag!).

Photo credit Miss K Everyday-trench love in the Durham sunshine... 

If all of the styles books I've ever read are to be believed, then another great staple is a well-made pair of shoes.  These leopard-print and leather beauties are by Ugg and were a snip at £30 from a recent trip to York Designer Outlet.  I've been wearing them with everything!  They're perfect for glamming up daywear, when it's sometimes impractical to wear heels.

Another style choice is a well made tailored jacket.  I often choose blazer/suit jackets to smarten up outfits or to give a look a 'business edge'.  My favourite is my one from The Kooples (yes I know, another French choice!) which again was a bargain reduction at £80...

But if I fancy a more 'on trend' style jacket, I'm happy to choose a high-street brand like this newbie I've worn to death from Primark...

...which I picked up for £25.  It reminded me very much of last season's Burberry and is always a great conversation starter!

I've started to use my Instagram account to post my outfits each day, but I wanted to collect them all here to share with you too.  I'm really interested in what things influence people's style, mine is obviously my love of France, but I'm sure there are lots of other contributing factors too!  I'm not a style guru or anything; but I love putting outfits together and similarly I'm interested in what influences your style choices, please let me know in the comments below :).

Thanks for coming on my style journey,

Until next time,




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  1. Great post! I love the photos and all the outfits you put together :D you have nailed the parisian style for sure :D




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