Tuesday, 1 November 2016

#ARCHIVEBYALEXA PART 2 dropped today @ M&S...

Hello lovelies!

Alexa Chung, can this lady do no wrong?  I loved Archive by Alexa the first time around (read about my obsession here!), and by the time the sales came around, I think I'd managed to buy almost everything.  So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that a second Winter Collection was coming-and it dropped today!

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I couldn't be at Marble Arch to see Alexa launch her collection last night, but lucky for me, the nice people at Marks and Spencer sent me across a presale email for being a Sparks member yesterday so I could take my pick of the collection before it hit the stores.  And boy was it a tough decision!  You can view the full collection on Marks and Spencer's website here so rather than waste your time rehashing what the experts can show you-I'm going to jump straight into what I ordered and why (and the items on my wishlist!).

£35.00-'1977 inspired blouse'

First time around it was all about the Harry blouse; this time I was besotted with Lovell.  Pretty blue denim coloured fabric, with a cute collar and cuffs-what's not to like about it?!  I'm envisaging it with dark blue denim jeans and heels for a night out, or with jeans and Converse for a day time look.  All I know is, it's probably my favourite piece and I can't wait to have it in my wardrobe.

£39.50-Inspired by the 80s

I am an eighties child (okay, I was born in '85 so I don't really remember...) so the vibe of this shirt sent me right back to the era I was born in.  Plus it's shiny and it's nearly Christmas AND it has a pussy bow collar-need I say more?!  It's worth the money for that alone!  It's definitely going to be a perfect staple for December!

£35.00-inspired by a 1935 gown

It was the amazing winter florals that sold this beauty to me.  I love it styled with the leather skirt, but I can imagine wearing it with so many different items; trousers for work, jeans; it's a real statement piece and I can't wait to wear it.

Dear Santa Claus...please could you bring me...

Okay, so with the arrival of the big man in the red suit looming; I'm trying to be sensible with my spends; but if I was being frivolous there're a few items I would absolutely love...so I'm going to list them here too!  Here goes...

I could go on forever!  The collection may as well be called 'Kayleigh Lindstedt's favourite things' I love so many of them (granted it wouldn't sell as well, but I'd be happy!).  All I know is, when it come to Alexa, I'd be happy if she kept designing for Marks and Spencer forever; and if I was you, I'd get them whilst you can.

I pick my goodies up on Thursday so watch this space for numerous Archive By Alexa OOTD's coming your way!

Which item will you be taking home?


(All images taken from marksandspencer.com)


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  1. I love the shirts but when I went in store to look at them I was really disappointed with the quality of the fabric! The silver one felt scratchy and the floral one like it would make my hair stand on end. Let me know what you think when they arrive!

    JH | hellojenniferhelen.com


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