Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Obsessed with #ArchiveByAlexa at Marks and Spencer...

 #ArchiveByAlexa at Newcastle's Marks and Spencer

Hello you lovely people!

The highly observant of you will notice two things about this post; I've already posted about this collection before and I've been sharing these photos like crazy over social media.  I am absolutely OBSESSED with the Archive By Alexa collection and really hope that there'll be more in the future because frankly I don't think I can live without it.  I'm normally really sceptical about celebrity endorsements, but this one may as well have been called the 'clothes for Kayleigh Lindstedt collection' I've bought so much of it.  And it all started with a dress...

Yep, it all started with the Eliza dress.  This has been heavily featured in a couple of my posts-one dedicated to the collection and as an OOTD.   I still absolutely adore it.  It's perfect quality, a beautiful cut and super summery.  And yes, I suppose the print is a bit daring, but when it comes to clothes, I've never been a shrinking violet-I love brights.  Well worth the £45 price tag, after buying it, my eye began to wander to other beauties from the collection...

The next being the Elsie dress.  A little cheaper at £39.50, this one is perfect for both day and night.  I've dressed it up for a hen party and worn it shopping, and just like the Eliza it doesn't disappoint!  It's more of a skater dress this one and it hangs beautifully-the plus also being that it doesn't need ironing either-always a winner in my books.  Both practical and pretty, it's definitely a favourite of mine!

After that, I was still deliberating about buying the Harry blouse.  Inspired by the fashions favoured by Princess Diana and based on a Victorian pastry crust blouse-I was worried I might look a little, well, frilly! Even when I tried it on I wasn't sure.  My suggestion is to wear it casually rather than dressing it up too much-otherwise you might end up feeling a little overdone!  £35 for this one, and when paired with my jeans and pumps, it felt perfect for afternoon tea!

By this point, I thought I pretty much had everything that I wanted from the collection, until a fatal moment in Newcastle when my Mister told me to try on the Ada blazer.  I'd avoided it online as it looked rather boxy, but paired with the Elsie dress, it looked and felt amazing-it was love at first wear!!  £49.50 disappeared out of my bank account quicker than you can say 'Ada'-I'm a slave to a good jacket purchase!

I think by this point, I've finally completed my collection.  For someone who posts regularly about fashion, I don't buy a lot of clothes, so this collection felt heaven sent.  Quintessentally British, which is very much my style, I can't thank Alexa Chung or M & S enough for it.  I only hope there's plenty more to come!

Shop the full collection here and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Until next time,

Kay xxx



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