Monday, 2 May 2016

Dior Makeup Masterclass with Jamie Coombes at Jesmond Dene House...

Hello lovelies!

Sometimes you see stuff online that you know you really can't resist.  As a lover of both Dior (and of cake!) I was really excited to see that none other than amazing makeup artist to the stars, Jamie Coombes, would be visiting beautiful Jesmond Dene House for a designer Dior afternoon to share his tips of the trade.  Not only that, but JDH's delectable afternoon tea would be included in the price (a snip at £36 per person).  What's not to like about that?  I hurriedly got in touch and booked two places, knowing that my lovely VBF Natalie would be the perfect person to share it with (you can read about our last JDH adventure here).

Arriving at the beautiful venue, we were ushered to the entrance of the Great Hall, where we were greeted with a glass of Prosecco and led to a little waiting area whilst our tables were being set up.  The Dior girls were already milling around in their amazing 'I am Poison' bomber jackets, promotion for the new Dior fragrance 'Poison Girl', which Natalie and I were lusting after during the whole event (if anyone can blag us two 'Poison Girl' bombers in size small, we'd love you forever ;)).

Once our tables were ready, we studied the seating plan to find we were to be seated at the 'Miss Dior' table.  I loved that all of the tables were named after Dior fragrances and products, a real personal touch.  Each table was set out beautifully, with a goodie bag prepared for each of us, a Dior masterclass makeup card for us to make notes on our favourite products and every product that Jamie was about to use in his masterclass stacked in the centre of the table for us to try out.  We also had a Dior girl assigned to our table to answer any questions that we had about the products.

Once we were all seated, Jamie introduced himself and after choosing a volunteer, the Masterclass began almost immediately.  Creating an evening look built around a smoky-eye, he talked about each product in turn, giving immense detail to the benefits of each and explaining the best ways to apply them.  Everything that he was doing was projected onto a screen, making it really easy to follow wherever you were sat in the room.

Waxing lyrical about everything from cleanser to concealer, skin treatments and the finishing touches, it was really interesting to learn so much about Dior's amazing range of products.  Natalie and I were really excited about Dior 'Dreamskin Capture Totale', a serum light enough to wear under foundation, that not only moisturises but is also an age-defying treatment for your skin.  After trying it on our hands, our skin felt velvety smooth-I can only imagine how good it must feel on your face!  At £79 for 30ml however, it is a little pricey, but it's definitely one to add to the shopping list!  We also loved the amazing Eye Reviver palette, and after trying out my free samples I was quite impressed with the Lip Maximizer and the Dior Show mascara (I've since purchased this and I love it-the Dior girls in Debenhams, Sunderland are equally as lovely as those that were at the event!).

After the initial Backstage Pro Masterclass, Jamie then welcomed any questions from the room, moving on to help another lady learn some techniques on the best way to make her eyes appear more open.  Throughout the afternoon, Jamie and all of the Dior girls stuck around to answer any questions and to allow us to try and test the products, whilst recommending the best suited products to those who were unsure.  The whole Dior team were excellent; supportive and super-helpful and Jamie was absolutely brilliant.  He was so much fun and had such a warm personality, it was wonderful to hear him talk about products that he is obviously so passionate about.

After all the makeup play it was time for tea, and after spending our mornings running, we were both ravenous when it arrived!

As we both requested to not have smoked salmon sandwiches on our afternoon teas, we were brought an individual cake stand, rather than one to share, and everything was absolutely delicious.  The scone layer was our favourite; the scones were fresh and warm and as they were mini, we managed all three! The cakes were delicious too, my favourite being the passionfruit macaron-which had fruit stuffed in its based that oozed out when you took a bite-delicious!

I had an amazing Dior experience at Jesmond Dene House and want to thank both the JDH and Dior teams for their amazing service-I'd definitely go to another event-the whole experience was so much fun and it was a great day to share with my best friend.

Of course, I know that you're all wondering what was in the goodie bag right?  Wonder no more ;)



  1. So glad you wrote about this, I've been so curious about this event. It sounds fantastic, will definitely book myself in next time x

    1. It was so much fun, I'd definitely recommend it! X

  2. This looks like a gorgeous event, thanks for sharing :)

    Camille xo

    1. No problem lady, thanks for stopping by :) x

  3. This looks amazing! Make up & cake....omg :) I definitely need to get myself to the next one. Xx

  4. Wow, this looks like the perfect girly day out! Very jealous!


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