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Style file: What I wore in the South of France...a throwback...

Hello lovelies!

Following on from my last post visiting Cannes, I thought I'd post today about what I wore in the South of France.  Looking back over what I wore always cheers me up and makes me think about what I'll be wearing for my next holiday there!  I think in January it's common to always think about the summer months ahead, particularly in England when our winter is dull and bleak, so this post is both a throwback and a look forward to the glorious summer sunshiney days to come!!  I won't be posting links to buy, as a lot of the stuff won't be available now-but hopefully it will still help provide some holiday inspiration!


Travelling over to Cannes, I favoured my trusty Principles Trench (Debenham's sale early last year) and my H 'n' M hat.  The hat came in useful for the Cannes sunshine!!

This little summer dress was about £8 from Sainsbury's.  It was a little on the large side so my lovely Mama L altered it before my trip.  Perfect for the heat and humidity and super girlie, it was great to wear during the day for exploring Cannes old town.

This jump suit was from a one off shop in Durham near where I live (again I had to have it altered though!).  I loved how chic it was and perfect for during the day or to dress up at night.  My shoes (although a little on the bright side!!) and bag are both Vivienne Westwood.  I have a few Westwood clutches and love Vivienne Westwood and Melissa shoes, they're so comfortable!  This was probably my favourite evening outfit-but I think next time I'll keep the shoes for the beach ha!

Here is the same jumpsuit during the day, paired with a Clement Dezelus tote bag from ProMod (check it out, it's amazing!) and some gold pumps, totally versatile!

 Our evening eating at 'New York' and exploring Cannes I went for Mango.  Mango do the best fitting trousers (I always feel very French when I wear navy trousers!) and I teamed them with this cute little shirt, covered in teeny white stars.  My Vivienne Westwood Anglomania bag was great for both day and night, and my little gold pumps again kept it dressy enough without going overboard-I don't think I could've managed heels!

 I know what you're thinking-tights in the Cannes heat???!!! But the evening I wore this there was torrential rain so it was the perfect combo (paired with the hugest umbrella!).  My dress is from French Connection (I've featured it before on my blog as it's very DVF inspired) and I teamed it with my gorgeous dupe Alexander McQueen scarf-an eBay find that I've worn to death.  Scarves help to change up an outfit and I always take a few with me wherever I go on holiday...

 ...As you can see here!  Above is my DVF scarf teamed with a little black camisole and below my McQueen dupe again with my breton top.

I've always wanted some dungarees in my adult took the plunge when I went to Cannes and wore them loads during the day.  They were about £10 from Primark and I teamed them with my trusty Converse, breton top and my fave House of Harrie Hattie headscarf.  A vintage inspired look that felt great in the summer sun!


We only spent a day in Antibes, and it's amazing.  Such an arty place, with really cute little streets and archways, the prettiest flowers, cute cafes, amazing ice-cream, a huuuuge port and a lovely beach.  I went for quite a vintage look with my dungarees and headscarf again whilst I was there.  I'll definitely be rocking dungarees again on holiday-they're so comfortable and versatile!

This time, my top was from Lidl...I know!  My friend Lisa gave me it, she picked up a few during France week for about £3 and although it was on the large side, this was well hidden by my dungarees!  My scarf is Parisian themed-another one from my amazing friend Kerry's House of Harrie Hattie.

St Tropez

We took a boat trip to St Tropez, which was loads of fun.  St Tropez has this image of being super glamorous, so I aimed for casual whilst being as stylish as I could muster (whether I achieved it is a different matter, but I felt okay ha!).

Here I am outside of Dior wearing my H 'n' M hat, shirt and necklace and my Mango shorts.  I loved this look.

Dreaming of Coco!!


We travelled to Monaco on the train (trains are so cheap in France!) and it was the stickiest, most humid day.  The sort of weather that makes you feel exhausted!  This was probably my least favourite look of my whole holiday-as I went for the coolest (as in heat not style!) I could find and spent the day feeling really undressed (note to self, dress up for Monaco!), but I thought I'd share anyways-I'm allowed one fashion faux pas, right?

The t-shirt is Paul Smith-and we've already discussed the shoes-but the shorts are now in the bin! Yuck! Haha!

So there you have it-my South of France wardrobe.  I'd say take lots of dresses, don't be afraid to be casual, particularly in Cannes, and scarfs are always a great go to accessory.  If you have one-don't be afraid to show off your very own high-end handbag, but it's not essential!  And if you visit in August, be prepared for heat!

Au Revoir and thanks for reading lovelies!



  1. My favourite look is the dungarees! You look so so good in them and they look great with the scarf. I quite often try out new things when I'm holiday, you're not likely to bump into anyone you know so it's a great time to experiment!


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