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The time I visited Cannes...

Hello lovelies!

Today's post is a throwback to August 2015 when I visited my favourite place in the world for the very first time.  Never did I ever believe that I would love a place in France more than I loved Paris, but whilst Paris may have stolen my heart, I've never been as happy as when I visited Cannes.  The South of France is a wonderful place; I stayed in Cannes but also visited Antibes, St Tropez and Monaco.  I took hundreds of photos whilst I was there, so I wouldn't want to bore you by showing them as always, I'm sticking to the fashion-and in Cannes it's unbelievable!

The strip...

Unlike what you'd expect from a strip in some of the party capitals of the world, the strip in Cannes is all about fashion and money.  Some of the world's most amazing hotels host celebrities and film stars all year round and hundreds are drawn to Cannes in May for the famous Film Festival.  The wealth it attracts is reflected through the fashion readily available almost around the clock.  Window shopping in Cannes is a chocolate box of who's who in the world of fashion and each store sits pretty between the exclusive restaurants, hotels, casinos and bars.

After a late dinner at 'New York', a restaurant I'd highly recommend, and copious amounts of red wine, I snapped away to give you a peek into just what's around for the super rich.

If shopping or designers really aren't your thing, you may be impressed by the street art and sculptures adorning the hotel gardens, the casinos and of course the hotels themselves!  A firm favourite of ours (and a place that one day we dream of staying) is the world famous Carlton Cannes hotel, Cannes answer to the Ritz.  A building that looks beautiful both day and night, the Carlton's architecture is really impressive.  Next time I think we'll pop in and sample a cocktail or two, just to have a nose around inside!

The Carlton by night...

A few of the strip, hotels and artwork...

What I love most about Cannes is that there's always something to do, yet it's an uber relaxing place. The sun shines pretty much constantly in August so we had the most glorious weather (apart from one freak thunder storm!).  I enjoyed walking along the strip in the sunshine, beside the beautiful beaches.  It's lovely to feel the sun on you skin!  I also enjoyed wandering around some of the antique markets; nowhere in England can you browse through vintage Chanel and Louis Vuitton like it's the most normal thing in the world!  Even the Palais des Festivals had some quieter times; it was easier to get a photograph taken on the red carpet first thing in the morning than last thing on a night.  Then there are the amazing yachts and cars that grace Cannes-I can guarantee by the end of the holiday you'll definitely have spotted a famous persons yacht or car, and it will seem completely normal as you become more and more acquainted with Cannes culture.  I feel like I should point out here though that it CAN be affordable and its by no means pretentious! We had an amazing time-we're not mega rich but could eat out every day and found plenty of places to visit, drink in and basically have a great time without ever feeling like we were budgeting.

So if you were ever looking for somewhere new-particular if you love France and fashion as much as I do, then Cannes should definitely be on your radar!  Over the coming weeks, I'm going to post about what I wore and some other places in the glorious South of France to give you a feel for the place as a whole-I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I'm enjoying writing about it.  Thanks for reading!  Here's a few snaps to finish ;)

Palais des festivals

A bit of a view from old town Cannes...

Jean-Luc Pele macarons...yummy!



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  1. What beautiful pictures of Cannes! And those bags! I need such a beautiful bag :-)
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