Saturday, 30 January 2016

Fashion is everywhere, on the street, in the sky and on my photo feed...

Hello lovelies!

In a week where I've felt a distinct lack of fashionable stuff to talk about, I turned to my photo feed and Instagram and realised that fashion has slowly managed to filter into my life in more ways than I could ever imagine.  I'm really embracing my hobby at the moment and looking for new ways to boost my blog and the profile of Coco as a whole; fashion is really the thing that makes me tick!

On Monday I...

...added to my ever growing collection of Vogues.  It all started with a few issues and now it has become a healthy obsession.  Currently on the bookcase in my office, I house almost ten years of Vogue, every issue from May 2006 to the current issue.   I had a few gaps in 2012 that I managed to fill this week.  There's just something about Vogue-it's the place that helped my love of fashion to grow!  I love flicking through its glossy pages and admiring the collections from season to season.  I have a dream of one day writing an article that is Vogue worthy, but for now my shrine to Vogue is the best I have to offer.  You've got to dream big though, so you never know!

On Tuesday I...

...posted about Chanel's Haute Couture SS16 collection!  I love, love, love Haute Couture, Chanel and the Grand Palais!  You can read my thoughts here!

On Wednesday I...

...watched the second part of 'How to Get a Job at Vogue' with Alexa Chung.  The British Vogue 'Future of Fashion' video series with Alexa is amazing and tells all about the fashion world and how to make a career in it.  Throwing open the doors at Vogue House this time around for the Vogue Special, find out how Alexandra Shulman became editor, how Lucinda Chambers started her Vogue career and how to get an internship at the greatest place on earth!  You can watch the series here.

On Thursday I...

 ...played around with some Chanel makeup and a YSL inspired outfit for work.  My lipstick is Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in shade 81 (Fiction), a real winter berry shade...I love it!

And then through my fabulous Instagram friend Anthony Williams aka 'Polished Pigeon', I discovered the Vogue 73 Questions series (addictive viewing!) starting with my fave SJP.  Watch it here!

On Friday I...

...Sported a Vintage look; a combination of 'Hattie's Bad Hair Days' my lovely friend Kerry's amazing  headscarf collection, and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 'Ina' lipstick.

And I finally got a pom-pom I liked for Louis!  I wanted a shade that matched the pink lining, and this one does just beautifully, a steal at £3.99 from H 'n' M (here).

I'd love to hear what fashionable things you've been up to this week-feel free to comment below and leave your links :).  Thanks for reading!



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