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Louis Vuitton Series 3, The Strand...#LVSeries3

Hello lovelies!

I feel really privileged to have had the opportunity to see some amazing exhibitions in the last couple of weeks.  Fashion exhibitions seem to be coming at us thick and fast these days, as a way of bringing the catwalk to the masses and I don't know about you, but I for one cannot get enough!  I'm a self-confessed fashion junkie, so any opportunity to see the mind of a designer opened up is always an amazing experience for me, and Series 3 at the Strand definitely did just that.

I travelled to London alone for this one, but met my friend Jen who accompanied me to the exhibition.  It was free entry, but pre-booking was recommended.  I was so excited to enter the world of Nicolas Ghesquière...

Let me give you some background to the exhibition; Series 3 was a stand alone exhibition taking place at The Strand, not far from Somerset House.  Focusing on the Louis Vuitton AW15/16 collection, Series 3 was both a thought process and an end result.  It was a way of seeing Ghesquière merge the old house of Vuitton with his new theories and thoughts for the future whilst managing to preserve the beauty of one of fashion's best loved and highest grossing brands.  As well as experiencing the show and the clothes from the collection, it was a great way to see his original ideas for it come to fruition.  Louis Vuitton have done this previously with exhibitions in Shanghai and LA for Series' 1 and 2, so I felt quite privileged to be able to see Series 3 here in good old Blighty! 

The first room contained this spectacular and almost brain-like looking dome.  It was inspired by the structure built at Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris to house the AW15/16 show.

Room 2, titled 'Mastermind' had a trunk suspended in its centre.  Moving closely towards it, it contained footage and ideas for the collection played on a film reel.  I really liked the idea that the trunk, synonymous with Louis Vuitton, housed Ghesquière's secrets.  All around the circular room, footage played of models walking by and ideas and thought processes.

Sketches contained in the trunk of ideas!

The 'Artists' Hands' had little stations showing footage of a Louis Vuitton trunk being constructed.  The process was truly fascinating and it's hard to believe how much work and beautiful craftsmanship goes into the creation of such a piece of art.

On with the show, the next area was a front row seat to the AW15/16 collection.  Screens suspended around the room, complete with seating areas and mirrors; the models seemed like they were everywhere.  I loved nearly all of the outfits from the collection, and we spent a lot of time in this room discussing the collection, the fabrics, the cut and our favourite pieces.

Following this, was a room of complete darkness other than a laser and a screen with unusual looking objects on it.  This was in fact the cutting room; the pieces were being laser cut for creation.

The next room on our Louis Vuitton journey was one of my favourites of the entire exhibition.  Here, I got to witness first hand how a trunk is put together, as the artisans worked on little stations all around the room.  It seems Ghesquière had a fascination with the trunk and it's original story and wanted to reimagine it for the 21st century, in a world where now we would never really use trunks to travel.  By creating a clutch size version, the 'petite malle' or 'small trunk', the trunk becomes instantly accessible again and much more practical for every day life.  I also learnt from one of the Louis Vuitton experts, that the trunks have started to carry three crosses; inspired by those that were custom made for wealthy banker and photographer Albert Kahn between 1911 and 1929.  The three crosses were used liked a signature so that Kahn could instantly distinguish his trunks.  

The accessories gallery was next, a walk around some of the amazing pieces from the AW15/16 show.  There was also an original Louis Vuitton trunk, amongst many other pieces that have helped to inspire the LV world today.

 Dirty shoes in the shot!

 My favourite accessory in a gorgeous red-wine shade, divine!


A clear shot of the Kahn inspired crosses on the petite malle

Finally, in what can only be described as something from my dreams, the whole of the AW15/16 collection danced before my eyes in an amazing walk-in wardrobe setting.  And we were allowed to touch (but not remove from the wardrobe as Jen later discovered-oops!!).  I could've spent hours trying to chose my favourite piece from the collection, I still don't think I've managed to decide!!

 I think we can spot Jen's favourite piece...

...and you can always find me with the handbags!

We couldn't leave the exhibition without raiding the sticker wall (it was the last day so we could take whatever we wanted!!) and bagging a souvenir poster.  It also gave us an opportunity to take some last minute photos.  I absolutely loved the Series 3 exhibition and learnt so much about the creative process of a collection.  I always leave fashion exhibitions feeling inspired, and with this one I felt like I was taking away a little bit of history.  Thank you Louis Vuitton for an amazing day!

A memory to hang pride of place in my office.  Bravo Louis Vuitton!


PS-a thank you also goes to Jen for my lovely cocktail at the Ritz! A perfect end to a perfect day!


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