Thursday, 6 August 2015

A few little purchases...

Hello lovelies!

Today I thought I'd talk about a few little purchases I've made recently.  With my holiday approaching, I wouldn't say I've gone all out for holiday clothes but I had a few ideas of the sort of things I needed to top up my holiday wardrobe.  I am however still on the hunt for the perfect pair of denim cut-offs and a cute pair of dungarees so if anyone has seen any good ones, please give me a shout!  So I'll start with a couple of holiday purchases...Please note!! I am NOT  a shopaholic...these purchases were made over a few shopping sessions and not all on the same day! Please shop responsibly ;)

 Van Mildert: French Connection £33 from £65 in the sale
For those of you that may not have seen my DVF post this week, this is my DVF inspired dress I bought at the weekend in the Van Mildert sale (at a bargain price).  I wasn't sure about it on the hanger, but it just goes to show how important it is to try stuff on! This one will be kept for a swanky meal in Cannes if my Mister is feeling generous ;).  Read about it here and shop for one here.

 Sainsbury's holiday dress £9 (half price in their sale)
This was one of those, 'I came to buy food and left with a dress' moments; we've all had them, right? It just screamed 'holiday' at me!! I have to confess, it is a little big, but Mama L is a whizz at altering so I'm going to get it taken in.  At the moment, you can't buy Sainsbury's clothes online, but there were quite a few in my local store, so if you're passing one, be sure to stop by for some bargains!

My next purchase is a great little match for the dress; meet my new shoes...
 Vivienne Westwood and Melissa £43 half price in the Vivienne Westwood Sale
These were my little treat to myself when I passed my Grade 8 singing exam a few weeks back.  They are the perfect holiday staple (you may have spotted them on my instagram if you follow me!) and they are sooooo comfortable! I own quite a few pairs of VW Melissa shoes, they are so worth the money and seem to last forever.  

 Navy fitted trousers, £14.99 (half price) Mango here
I wanted the perfect pair of navy chinos for evening time on holiday.  I searched high and low, then found these amazing trousers that fit like a glove.  A perfect wardrobe staple; again they look much better on than on the hanger.  Very French too ;) I'm hoping I'll fit right in ;)

Paris t-shirt £9.99 Mango (lots of cool similar styles here)
I'm not sure I'll take this with me for holiday, but I love Paris logos and thought this was really cool.  I probably could've done with an XS, but it's a perfect lounge around t-shirt at a perfect price too!

Okay, lets move on to a few other things, not holiday related this time (although the beauty stuff will probably travel with me!!).  Here are a few repurchases of the beauty kind...

My Burberry Eau de Parfum, 30ml £45
I am a Burberry girl.  I mean I love Chanel and Vivienne Westwood, but if I could only wear one high end designer and was given unlimited choice to what I could choose, I'd always choose Burberry.  I discovered My Burberry at Christmas when I was shopping with my Mister in London.  That first spritz has stayed with me forever and it's now my all time favourite scent.  My credit card had a voucher scheme where I collected points to spend in certain stores and as the voucher scheme has ended, I had £20 in Boots Vouchers to use voila a new bottle of the best! Buy yours here

 Lancome Grandiose Mascara-a repurchase with a twist...
I bought my first Lancome mascara in Paris last year.  I'm terrible at replacing makeup and literally use mascaras that I love until they are dry (I know this is bad practice beauty lovers, I apologise!).  So, whilst shopping in Fenwick, I decided to pick up a new Grandiose mascara (£23.50), and boy did I pick the best day to do it.  Two purchases meant a bag of free goodies...yay!  Okay, so usually I buy my high end makeup from Chanel...I'm very loyal and love their products and feel comfortable around their counters (makeup usually sends me into a state of panic!!) so I was kind of put on the spot when I had to choose a second product!  In the end I went for a L'absolu Rouge lipstick (similar to the Burberry Kisses and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks in texture) and I chose shade 353, Rose Aurore, which is an amazing subtle pink colour, perfect for every day (also £23.50).

 I love the lipstick, however, the only downside is its perfume taste which I'm pleased to say becomes more subtle with each use.  The bag of goodies I got free were these...

Lancôme Visionnaire Mulit-correcting cream, Tonique Douceur Toner, Galateis Douceur face and eye cleanser and a mini Hypnose mascara (plus the cute makeup bag!).  I've not used them yet but will pass verdict once I do! 

For Lancome purchases and offers click here

Okay, my final purchase (well done if you've got this far!) is a bit of a different one.  I'm so into my fashion research at the minute that I can't get enough.  I watched the September Issue for the first time  a couple of weeks ago, I got addicted to House of DVF and an old series of The Face USA via Sky On Demand so when they were all over I wanted something else.  I was given a HMV voucher as a gift from one of my schools in the summer so I used it wisely... for my VBF and I to watch on our next girlie night in.  I can't wait!

Thanks for checking out my shopping trips with soon!




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