Monday, 13 July 2015

OOTD: What I wore for YSL, oh and an amazing afternoon tea...

Warning!! This post contains cake!!

Apologies for the amateur photography here lovelies but I thought that as I've been doing some style updates I'd add the outfit that I chose for reviewing YSL.  Whenever I visit anything fashion related, I always try to reflect the designer in one way or another with my outfit choice.  As Yves Saint Laurent quite often used a monochrome palette in his work, particularly with 'Le Smoking' and his 'Masculin/Feminin' collections, I decided to use this as my inspiration.  Also, I can never resist a pussy-bow collar and this is about the forth top I've owned with one!  My whole outfit is actually from Primark, quite a rarity for me as I usually struggle to find my size or anything that I really love.  But thanks Primark, you came up trumps this time!

Top: £6
Jeans: £7 (absolute bargain!)
Grey shoes: £5
All current Primark stock.

I was quite impressed with my choices when I got to the exhibition and saw this in Room 3...

Check out the pussy-bow collars!

Not that afternoon tea could ever be an afterthought, but I also wanted to tell you about the amazing one Natalie and I had after we visited the exhibition.  I drove back to Durham where we chose Tealicious for our afternoon tea; a cute little blue and floral tearoom at the bottom of Elvet Bridge, just opposite the Swan and Cygnet pub and the Marriott hotel.  I've visited the tearoom once before for cake with Mama L so was confident it would be a good choice!  As I'd been snapping away all morning, I only took a few photos with my phone (I left my camera in the car after YSL!!)...

I have to say, the afternoon tea was absolutely perfect!  The finger sandwiches were Wensleydale cheese (instead of smoked salmon as we don't really like it!) and ham on brown bread and cucumber and mint and egg mayonnaise on white.  The mini scones (which I always love because it leaves room for the all important top layer) were cheese and fruit (not together obviously!) with jam and clotted cream and they were all homemade and absolutely delicious.  Finally, the cakes were quirky and utterly superb.  We had mint chocolate brownie topped with an After Eight that melted in our mouths, the lightest Victoria sponge made with blueberry jam, a lime curd and pistachio sponge which was sticky and succulent and my favourite, a strawberry and cream shortbread.  Tealicious offers loads of tea choices so I had Lemon and Lime, whereas Natalie chose Strawberry Green Tea and there were no complaints from either of us!  We left feeling full but not bloated, which was a first for me with afternoon tea, but we couldn't have asked for more.  Everything was 'Tealicious' and the service was amazing; I'd definitely go back!  Afternoon tea is £16.95 per person, booking is essential and a £5 deposit per person must be paid in advance, but I can guarantee that it's worth every penny!  I've overindulged recently so I'll be back eating salad for the next few weeks, but this is definitely an afternoon tea memory that will stay with me for a while.

You can find Tealicious here!

I hope you had an amazing Sunday!



  1. Tealicious has to be next on our list! I really really want to go! xx

  2. Tealicious is great!! I love grabbing a cake from there when I'm out shopping to cake home!

    Katie x

    1. That's a grand idea Katie! Think I'll do that next time :) xx


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