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Chanel Haute Couture AW'15...

Chanel.  Some of the greatest fashion shows that have ever been brought to the table have carried that famous 'CC' logo.  But it is without a doubt the Haute Couture show which is always the greatest spectacle to behold.  Not only is the presentation always sensational, the clothes are always the most amazing that you could ever possibly imagine.  The Haute Couture show is what dreams are made of, regardless of the fashion house that is presenting.

Haute Couture quite often is the collection that designers make the least about of profit from, but it is also the one that thrusts them into the limelight and keeps them current worldwide.  The hours of intricate work put into the the collection by the ateliers make the pieces stand out for their beauty and uniqueness.  I've probably said this before in a previous post, but what I love about Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel is that he is futuristic and forward thinking in his designs but they are always in keeping with what is truly and traditionally Chanel.  When reading about this current collection, I was surprised to learn that even the boucle of the Chanel jackets was hand embroidered from scratch, nothing is bought in in that respect.  I could wax lyrical for hours about why I love Chanel, but I'll spare you my fan-girling in favour of discussing the show, and my preferred looks from this collection.

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Let's start with the setting.  Obviously it has to be the Grand Palais, one of my favourite buildings on Earth!  This time however it wasn't instantly recognisable from the inside; a casino had been built from scratch and erected in its centre.  'CC's' monogrammed the cards, chips and slot machines, surely the most glamorous casino in the world.  To top it off, think of some of the most famous people from the world of showbiz, Julianne Moore, Lily Rose Depp, Rita Ora, Kristin Stewart...they were all dressed by Karl, draped with Chanel jewellery and positioned at the roulette tables, being left to play as the models paraded around.  The audience were treated to a show within a show.

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Now to the looks.  The piece most talked about was always going to be the masculine bride look modelled by show closer, Kendall Jenner.  Whilst I did like the idea (Mr Lagerfeld quite often spins the idea of wedding attire on its head-sometimes quite controversially) and I loved the addition of the Camelia Roses, the looks wasn't my favourite because there were so many other beautiful pieces.

Look 67-Kendall Jenner as the bride

Look 66-My favourite from the show

Look 66 was my favourite.  I love the structure of the dress and the attention to detail; I'd love to wear it!

Look 03

Look 03 was my favourite of the more traditional feeling Chanel suits on offer.  I loved the added detail of the neck-piece complete with pussy-bow collar and having watched part of the suit be made online, I can't believe the skilled craftsmanship that went into it!  The rhinestones set it off beautifully.

Look 65-perfect for a ball

Many of the dresses this time had a more wearable feel to them than the usual pieces presented for Haute Couture.  This elegant black number would make an excellent piece for stage, perfect for performing!

There were so many pieces that I loved, I couldn't possibly list them all.  But don't take my word for it; you can watch the show here and choose your favourites!

Which was your favourite from the show?


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  1. The dress look 66 is amazing, I love the colour and the pattern of the lace.


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