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#MGVintage: The Vintage Fashion Collection at York Designer Outlet

Hello lovelies!

A few weekends ago, I went to York with my lovely Mister for a little mini-break (post to come!).  When we visit York, we always like to pop across to York Designer Outlet (part of the McArthurGlen group) to try and pick up some designer bargains.  I love designer clothes, but designer bargains are even better! York Designer Outlet is great as it has so many amazing brands under one roof; Paul Smith, Ted Baker, and now French Connection and Michael Kors to name a few.  It really is a fashion lover's dream.  I only wish I'd visited when they had a Burberry *sigh* but I suppose it gives me an excuse to visit Cheshire Oaks!!

Well, you can imagine my excitement when on arriving, I realised that there was also a Vintage Fashion event taking place!  I'm talking real high-end vintage fashion too; Chanel, YSL, Louis Vuitton etc!  Yes, Angelo Caroli had brought his amazing vintage collection to the UK.  Caroli has been collecting and selling Vintage clothes since the 70s and his shop A.N.G.E.L.O in Italy is renowned across the world.  And the best bit? You could rummage through it via a pop up shop that had been erected especially for the event! I wasn't expecting to be blogging about such amazing pieces of fashion so please forgive my messy iPhone photography but I had to share it with you all!

The pieces worth photographing were in the middle of the shopping mall, all in glass cabinets.  These were some of the rarer, more exclusive pieces that you'd imagine seeing in a museum, not in a shopping centre.

Christian Dior
A brand that needs no introduction, everybody knows Dior.  A symbol of timelessness and elegance...

I took a keen interest in the YSL pieces.  A designer that was prolific in the 60s and 70s, famous for his smoking jacket tuxedo for women and dresses with artist inspired prints, such as the Mondrian dress, a collection of his clothes is going to be arriving at the Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle next month.  I've been invited along to see the collection and review it, so in the interests of research it was good to see some Vintage YSL in the flesh.  The safari jacket shown is sophisticated yet understated.  Beautifully cut and finished, I'm excited to see how well tailored the rest of the collection will be!

Ah Chanel.  I love Chanel.  My blog title is even in Coco's honour.  I could look at Chanel pieces for hours and there was plenty to look at at York Designer Outlet.  Below you can see an original 2.55 bag, before the clasp took on it's well-known 'CC' format.  There's also a newer 2.55 so you can see the comparison.

A gorgeous Chanel suit!

Gabrielle Chanel at the famous mirrored staircase in 31 Rue Cambon.  I visited Rue Cambon when I went to Paris last year and stood at the bottom of the famous staircase.  Steeped in fashion history, it was my pilgrimage to Chanel!

Louis Vuitton
A globally recognised print, who wouldn't want to own some LV.  One day, all of my luggage will carry that monogram.  One day...

This is the Kelly bag.  Many Hermes bags are incredibly rare these days, with the Birkin bag known to reach several thousands of pounds at auction.

I would've taken more photos, but my Mister was keen to shop and was racing away as I was trying to take the best snaps!  I did however visit the pop-up shop.  I may not have been able to buy anything, but it was nice to touch and feel the quality, particularly of the Vintage Chanel.  I was like a kid in a sweet shop.  One day I'll own it all...I'm a real dreamer!!

I may not have been able to afford Vintage, but I did bag myself an amazing Levi's shirt that I've been after for ages, and a fab little t-shirt from the Paul Smith store.   Thanks York Designer Outlet, you never fail to impress us!!!

The Vintage Fashion Event is now finished but you can find out more about York Designer Outlet here and sign up for their Privilege club here for an extra 10% off on your next visit!


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  1. Cool fashion! This month my fashion life will be on Gavin Rajah, after that will jump into this vintage world. Thanks for sharing. Will surely try this. Keep exploring.


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