Monday, 15 June 2015

Hillarys Craft Competition 2015

Hello lovely people!

Today is a post of a slightly different nature, but still with a bit of a fashion vibe.  I've been putting my sewing skills to the test by taking part in the Hillarys Craft Competition 2015, after being approached by them following the fab #HillarysCrafternoon that I attended earlier this year (find out what I got up to here).  For the competition, I was asked to select one of a choice of four amazing fabrics from Hillarys (I chose Daisy Pistachio which I am in love with!!) to transform into anything of my choice!  Oh the possibilities!!

I haven't been sewing for very long, but I wanted to try and make something I'd never made before and to try and think outside of the box.  In the end, I created a piece of clothing for my favourite being on Earth, my pooch Jay-Jay.  Jay-Jay is my little rescue dog who had a very troubled start in life, but we've had him for four years now and he's settled in and become the most lovely little pup.  I've wanted to try and make him a coat for ages so decided that this would be the perfect opportunity. As the fabric is quite girlie, I decided to make him a reversible coat, so the Daisy Pistachio can be either the top of the coat or the lining.  It probably wouldn't be the best choice for a day in the rain, so think of this as his suave Sunday best jacket.  Here's how I did it...

I was going to use a pattern from my 'Canine Couture' book, but in the end to ensure a perfect fit, I used Jay-Jay's winter coat as a template (excuse how dirty it is, it had rained that morning!).

I used the template to cut two pieces out, one of the Daisy fabric and a second from a purple fabric I already had at home.  I thought the purple fabric really complimented the colours in the Daisy Pistachio.

Then I created a belt part to tie around the middle of the coat by cutting, folding and sewing a strip from the Daisy Pistachio.  I sewed this strip together first with a running stitch on my sewing machine, then using the same stitch, I sewed the two panels together, leaving a gap to sew in the belt for when I turned the coat right-side out.

I'd left a gap at the top to sew in two ribbons to tie the front of the coat together.  I first used a running stitch to secure it, then I finished the coat with a top-stitch of zig-zigs all of the way around it.

Et voila!

All that was left to do was try it on my amazing model and I think he liked it!

I made the tie so it could be tied at one side (see the first picture of Jay-Jay)  but if it hadn't been reversible I'd have probably gone for a velcro fastener.  He didn't seem too bothered by the tie anyway!

So there we have it, my first ever attempt at a dog-coat.  What do you think?  Doggy fashion design here I come haha!

Thanks to Hillarys for asking me to take part in the competition.  Watch out for my entry on Pinterest!  You can find out more about Hillarys here.



  1. Wow you're so clever and he looks really smart .. finest dressed dog in town!

  2. Such an amazing idea, it is adorable!! and it really suits your dog!

    Good luck!



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