Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The London Series Part Two: An Evening at Balthazar...

Hello lovelies!

The time has come for part two of my London series and it's all about an amazing evening meal in Covent Garden.  Here's what we wore...

I wore the following: Jacket: H 'n' M (old), Top: Primark (sale!), Skirt: Miss Selfridge, Shoes: French Connection, Bag: Vivienne Westwood, Necklace: H 'n' M

We chose to eat at Balthazar because Natalie had eaten there before and highly recommended it and because it's always nice to try somewhere a bit special when you're visiting the city.  Balthazar is nothing like anything I've ever seen before; it is amazing!  I've never been to New York but if I had to create a New York restaurant it would look exactly like Balthazar.  Picture the scene; neutral walls, low-lighting, an amazing black and cream tiled floor, a cocktail bartender from Boston, everything about this place screams New York so it's not surprising that that's where the original restaurant is situated.  For us it was like stepping straight into the Big Apple from pretty Covent Garden; like a porthole to another world!

I have to confess I didn't really have my blogging head on and it was far too busy for me to be swanning around the interior, camera in hand.  Apologies in advance that my photos are quite dark, but the sight of the food and drink to come should still definitely melt your tastebuds!

The interior may be American, but the food most certainly isn't.  The menu transports you to Paris, or an evening meal along the French Riviera.  I love French food so I was really spoiled for choice!

Menu to die for!

Luckily, choosing a drink wasn't such a difficult task.  Certain that I wanted a nice refreshing cocktail, I chose a Gin Fizz which was strong but delicious!  Don't be put off if your favourite isn't on the menu though, the bartender will mix you just about anything.  Natalie did just that and ordered a Mojito (I sampled it and it's one of the best I've ever tasted!) and of course we also had some water for the table!

Certain that we were going to plump for dessert rather than a starter, we finally made up our minds and both ordered fish.  Natalie chose the grilled fillet of salmon whereas I went for the smoked haddock Monte Carlo, then we sat back and soaked up the atmosphere whilst waiting for our food to arrive.

First, we were greeted by the world's biggest bread basket...

...for someone who doesn't eat bread that often, I savoured every last mouthful!

Shortly after our food arrived, Natalie's salmon...

...and my Monte Carlo Haddock...

My meal was amazing.  The smoked haddock was succulent and melted in my mouth.  The flavour was really complemented by the grain mustard potatoes and the poached egg was simply the icing on the cake...or the egg on the fish in this case!  It was both filling and delicious; I'd definitely chose it again.

Thankfully we weren't too full so had room for dessert (of course we did!) and both chose the Creme Brulee.  I think I must have used the word delicious about sixty million times in this post, but I'd be lying if I didn't say it was a taste sensation!

So then with full tummies, tired legs from our earlier adventures and the excitement of the day ahead still with us, we settled our bill and grabbed a cab back to our little Premier Inn room at St Pancras.  Our Saturday in London was truly amazing and Balthazar really is an experience worth having for all of you foodies out there.  The next time you're in the city, make sure you check it out!

That's it for now lovelies!  Watch out for the next part of our trip coming later this week!
Until then...thank you for reading!




  1. Looking lovely ladies!

    I'm starving now .. and I'm stuck waiting for Simon to leave work still so I can't even make a start on dinner!

    You've got a new blog layout! Don't tell me, it's been like this for ages and I didn't notice?!


  2. Thanks lovely! I hope you had something nice for dinner to make up for it!

    Yes it's a new layout ha :) I bought a template then added the macarons to personalise it a bit! Nothing's more me than macarons ha! Xxx

  3. Lovely outfits!
    The food looks great :) I'm heading to London myself in July so it's great to find new restaurants to try!!
    Thanks for sharing.

    The Everyday Life of Rachel


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