Sunday, 24 May 2015

The London Series Part One: Shopping and the Shard...

Hey lovelies!

As we are enjoying another Bank Holiday weekend, I thought it was about time I wrote up what I got up to on the last one and what an amazing weekend it was! Yes, the May Day weekend saw my lovely VBF Natalie and I head to London for an amazing best friend weekend. As we squeezed in so much, I thought I'd write up a little London series starting with this post of Saturday shopping and a visit to the Shard.

After an early train ride, we arrived at London King's Cross at around 10am and headed straight to Covent Garden to start the day with some long anticipated shopping! After an early rise, we were both a bit peckish and what better way to squash those grumbling tummy noises than with some Laduree macarons!  Knowing I'd be having lunch before long, I resisted the urge to buy a box full (it certainly took some restraint!) and instead opted for three, a salted caramel, a yuzu ginger and a pistachio.  They were delicious as always and I'm yet to taste a macaron to rival that of Laduree's best efforts, they never disappoint!

We'd already visited Mac so Natalie could stock up on some essentials, and after macarons our next stop was Burberry's Beauty Box.  I just want to take this opportunity to express our absolute undying love for Burberry...we love Burberry so much! As there's nowhere to buy beloved Burberry makeup near home, we decided that this visit was an absolute must! I couldn't resist a gorgeous 'English Rose' lipstick from the new Burberry Kisses range (to come in a later post!) whereas Natalie got herself a bottle of my favourite scent 'My Burberry'.  I'm not going to lie, we excitedly skipped away with our gorgeous Burberry gift bags and an invite to come back for some complimentary treatments.  I can't wait to go back!  We couldn't resist a browse around Burberry Brit too, it's what my dreams are made of (and Chanel of course!)!  Our final stop was a visit to Jo Malone where I bought myself my very first scent, Earl Grey and Cucumber...but more of that later in the series!
Our first stop on Oxford Street was to the mother ship, Selfridges.  Our internal shopping homing pigeons always take us there and I think we'd quite happily move in if we were given the opportunity! We spent hours browsing the handbags whilst I chose a stunner to add to my Vivienne Westwood collection and Natalie pondered splashing out on a Phillip Lim (in the end she resisted-such restraint!).  Shopping is hungry work, so we headed to the food hall next and sampled the most amazing ham and cheese crepes, tastetastic and totally filling, a perfect choice for a light bite.  After finally pulling ourselves away from our favourite place on Earth, we made pitstops to both Liberty's to admire the gorgeous flowers, Victoria's Secret and the amazing Ben's Cookies on Carnaby Street for an amazing after lunch sweet treat.  I got white chocolate and cranberry...amazeballs!

 A couple of Selfridges windows...

Time had passed by so quickly, so we jumped on a tube and headed to London Bridge for our trip up the Shard.  It was quite a cloudy day, but the visibility was still good and I was so amazed by what you could see from both floors 69 and 72.  Seeing the Shard from the ground is impressive enough, but being up there (which takes literal seconds, the lift is super fast and smooth!) is out of this world!  The champagne bar is a bit of a let down (it's more like a champagne table!) and the gift shop offers everything you can think of with the Shard emblazoned on it, but it's worth every penny just to see the amazing view.  Although we were probably giggled at, I was so pleased that Natalie remembered her selfie stick!  We got some great photos and had fun trying to snap them from every angle whilst capturing the view.  I can't believe that people actually live in The Shard too; it's a great place to visit but it must be so weird having a tourist attraction as your home!

Once back on the ground, we decided to hop on a London bus back to St Pancras to our hotel rather than take the tube.  I love to take the bus in London; if you're visiting you get to see things and places you'd never see if you took the Underground everywhere (the bus route around Marble Arch is my favourite!) and it's fun!

So after a fun filled first day we headed back to get ready for a fun night out...but you can read more of that in part two.  Thanks for reading lovelies xxx



  1. Fab post. I'm looking forward to your night out!

    1. Thank you honey :) it'll be up today or tomorrow! Thanks for commenting xx

  2. Every time I read a post someone has written about a London adventure it makes me realise how much I took everything for granted when I lived there. Those 5 years passed so fast and I really didn't spend enough time mooching round the Capital. I think as of next year I'm going to make more effort to get down there a few times a year to catch up with people and spend some quality time with London.

    Your adventure sounds fantastic! I need a whiff of that Jo Malone!

    My old office building is in the background of one of your Shard selfies :)

    1. Aw I love London. I'm going to try and go at least 3 times a year, I love it so much and always have a different kind of adventure every time I go! That's so cool that you worked so close to the Shard! X

  3. Looks like you had such a lovely time! I've never been up the Shard so that might be next on my list! Oh & the Burberry Beauty shop too! :) x


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