Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Katie's Garden...

Hello lovelies!

I want to tell you today about a beautiful little garden.  A garden that is a little bit of a secret at the moment as it's quite new.  But places like this garden shouldn't be kept a secret forever, they should be visited and shared and told about to help spread the word.  This garden is like no other.  This garden is Katie's Garden.  Situated in Sunderland along High Street West, Katie's Garden is Sunderland's newest Vintage establishment specialising in Vintage fashion, gorgeous afternoon cream tea and most importantly, crafts.  Yes, Katie's Garden is a bit of a crafting cornucopia, a Pandora's box of goodies just waiting to be played with whilst indulging in scones and tea.  Let me tell you more...

I've visited Katie's Garden twice now, and first heard about it when my lovely Mama L told me she was meeting a friend there for coffee and asked me if I wanted to come along.

Amongst the scaffolding and redevelopment that is currently taking place along High Street West, Katie's Garden is a breath of fresh air, transporting you to a magical world of imagination and creativity.

On the inside, the first major talking point is the amazing paper mache tree and mystical penny footpath which winds around the wooden floor like something from a fairytale.  Then you'll be bowled over by the amazing amounts of clothing and craft on offer, with something different to spot in every corner.  Cue loads of photos...

There was so much to look at, I was even too distracted to choose a cake (yes, me!).  I could've spent hours taking in all of what was around me.  Finally I turned my attention to food.

On our first visit, Mama L went for egg mayonnaise sandwiches, whereas I and her friend chose these amazing lemon muffins and we washed them all down with a big pot of tea.

I talked to founders, mother and daughter duo Kathryn and Rachel all about the idea behind 'Katie's Garden' on our first visit.  Rachel (daughter of the duo) told me that her background is in fashion and after teaching for several years, she decided to set up the business to push her love for vintage fashion and events.  Kathryn's background covers the craft side of things so together they make the perfect team.  Add tea and cake and you're always on to a winner!  Kathryn and Rachel hope that people will visit 'Katie's Garden' and have an experience.  They encourage you to craft while you eat if you so wish and even hold little alternative nights out where you can craft with a cocktail too!

For my second visit, I decided to dress for the occasion with a bit of a Vintage inspired outfit.  Here was my OOTD:

Those who follow me on Instagram (thanks!) might have already seen it.  The top (£5), cardigan (old) and shoes (£6) are all from good old Primark, whereas my skirt is Vintage and my necklace is by Bubblegum Vegas (£15).  My bag is a Ted Baker one which I've had forever and love!!

This time I visited with both of my parents.  Dad opted for just a coffee whereas Mam and I were a little bit more adventurous and chose a Cream Tea which came on a park bench (with a pot of tea included for £4.50!!).  It was set out beautifully and was absolutely delicious!

As I had a few hours to kill before work, I also tried my hand at a bit of crafting and decided to make a pin cushion from one of the kits that were available to buy.  Everything I needed came in the kit (which I think I paid £4 for) and all of the tools needed to complete the job were on hand too.

The kit was easy to follow and didn't take me long to complete (but I put the finishing touches on at home) and I really enjoyed crafting with my cuppa; such a fun idea!

I've only just started to get into sewing after my Mister recently bought me a machine, so I'll definitely be using this for all of my projects!

I'll definitely be visiting Katie's Garden more often, it's such a fun little place and Kathryn and Rachel are so lovely and welcoming that I never want to leave!  You can find out more about Katie's Garden on their website and Facebook page.  They've also got an amazing offer on at the moment where a cream tea and crafting for two will cost you just £7.50 (find out more here)!!  So what are you waiting for?!

Have you tried Katie's Garden yet?




  1. Wow what a find!!! We both know I'm rubbish at crafting but I'm very good at eating and the food looks amazing - I need to go!

  2. Could this be a new cake place for us to visit?! x
    Lisa | Is It Just Meme

  3. Wow, this looks and sounds adorable! Though I love little crafty places like this, I'm always worried about touching things!lol
    Great find though, some of the best places are hidden and unknown. :)


  4. This looks like such a quaint little spot with delicious muffins

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist


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