Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A day out at Beamish...

Hello lovelies!

Today I'm talking about a lovely day out I had at Beamish with my Mister on Easter Monday. We were quite fortunate that day to have some gorgeous Spring weather, you know the kind that makes you think we're going to have amazing heat only to find its gone again two days later!! I love Beamish and my Mister hadn't visited it for a lot of years, so wanting to make the most of our Bank holiday, off we headed.

Beamish is situated, well in Beamish ha, not far from the Chester-le-Street turn off of the A1M.  All in all it's about a 20 minute drive from our house, so a great little excursion without having too far to travel!  For those of you that might not know, Beamish is an open air museum which tells the tale of how life was in the North East of England during the 1820s, 1900s and 1940s.  There's a pit, a working farm with animals, a tea room, an amazing fish and chip shop and loads of things to see and do.  It's certainly fun for all of the family!

Visiting on a Bank Holiday, we were expecting Beamish to be busy but that was the biggest understatement ever; it was heaving!!  We bought our tickets online thankfully so that helped us skip part of the queue.  Admission sets you back £18.50 which seems expensive, but the tickets are unlimited for a year so you can visit as often as you'd like.  You can view full admission and family prices online here.  Once we'd finally got passed the entrance, thinking with our stomachs we headed straight to the Tea Rooms for some lunch.  Chris opted for a mince dinner whereas I went for the lighter option of a jacket potato and beans.  But I always make sure I leave room for cake!  I chose a coconut slice and Chris went for tiffin; they were both delicious and were just what we needed before a day's walking in the sun.  It's the second time I've eaten in the Tea Rooms and I've not yet been disappointed with the food.  Make sure you try it for yourself next time you visit!

After lunch, we headed past the band stand to start our little adventure looking at some of the old shops along the street.  The sun was still glorious; a perfect day for exploring!

Me and my shadow!

The little street of shops in Beamish is one of my favourite parts, especially as some of them are still used as gift shops today.  My favourite is the haberdashery; I love to sew and it's always nice to look at some of the old shoes, hatpins and bobbins that are on display.  This time I even bought some fat quarters to incorporate into my home sewing.  As well as the haberdashery, there's also a bank, a mechanics, a hardware store and a post office to name a few.  They're so quaint!  We also had a little wander around the old town hall.

After the shops, we went to explore some of the houses just along past the bandstand.  Most of them were jam-packed with people so I couldn't really take any interesting photos, but I did get a little bit excited when I saw this...

...the house of a singing teacher, just like me!!  I'm not sure I'd have had it set out in the same way, but I couldn't resist exploring!  Florence must have been quite a wealthy lady, as her wares were a lot greater than those in some of the houses along the way.  So at least I know that if I'd lived in the past I probably would've gotten by with my skills!

Hot crossed buns warm from the oven!

Our next stop was the old railway line, station and the iron works which we passed on the way to the farm.  You can take a tram, bus or cart ride around Beamish if you prefer not to walk, but the day was so glorious we decided to do everything on foot so we stopped for a little while and sat on the old railway platform to take a rest. 

I'm still a big kid at heart and I absolutely love animals, so I'm always excited to visit farms when I'm out and about.  There were a few new arrivals too with it being lambing season; they were so cute!!  Beamish has everything from cows to cockerels, perfect for crazy animal ladies like me!!

The world's happiest sheep perhaps?

From the farm, we went back to school to learn a lesson or two!  The school rooms were full of little one's taking part in Easter crafts which was really lovely to see!  However, all my Mister wanted to do was play in the school yard!!

By this point the sun had gotten the better of us and we'd seen everything we could on this super busy Beamish day, but we had so much fun we'll definitely be heading back to use our passes! 

Beamish is amazing, we've given it a big thumbs up! Have you ever been to Beamish?



  1. I love it here! Not been for about 5 years though. We once dressed up when at primary school and spent the day at the school - was such a good experience even 25 years ago as it would have been. I love the sweet shop!

    One question - with ticket lasting a year, do they take your photo or could you sneakily transfer it to a friend? :)

    1. Yeah, I love it too, so much fun!

      They don't take your photo, but they do make you sign your card, so I'm not really sure if you could sneak a friend in or not as I haven't been for a revisit yet! I'll keep you posted! Thanks for commenting! xx

  2. I have always wanted to visit Beamish, thanks for sharing this lovely post. The animals were so cute and the food looked delicious too :)

    Camille xo


    1. You definitely should if you're in the area, it's such a fun place especially on a hot day! Thanks for stopping by!


  3. I STILL haven't been :( SULK! We're definitely making it a priority on our staycation though, I can't wait any longer! x

    1. It's fab Chloe you'll love it! So much to do!
      Thanks for commenting!


  4. I LOVE Beamish! I had a school trip there when I was 11.. and then visited around 4 years ago and still loved it. I love the shops the most. The smells are incredible. The dentist always looked a bit scary, but the sweet shop was my absolute fav. All the old penny sweets, in weights, weighed out for you in paper bags. I can taste the cindertoffee now! :)
    I can't wait to take our little boy there, don't think the hubby has been either. :)
    I've never eaten there, but the food looks yummy! You at least picked and had a sunny bank holiday visit there. :)

    Notes From Caroline


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