Monday, 27 April 2015

King of The World: The Colours Tour 2015-A night of Blue...

Hello lovelies!

I hope you're all well!  I feel as if I always say this but I apologise for my blogging absence; I have been so busy working but I'm finally back!  Expect a few posts this week to make up for my hiatus!! I am currently five days away from an amazing weekend in London so I'm trying to catch up with some old posts to make way for that, starting with a music themed post!  A few weeks ago, my partner in crime and I went to see Blue and it was such a fab night we wanted to share it with you!  So here you go...

*Apologies if you don't like Blue, but this post also contains cocktails, cake and fashion which might interest you non Blue fans!!*

An early finish at work, and a hectic trip to Newcastle (it was the windiest day EVER!) saw us start our evening with cocktails in The Botanist.  Now, I'm sure if you're a North East blogger or reader, The Botanist will have been on your radar for quite some time.  It's certainly been on mine but I'd not had the opportunity until now to visit and I have to say, I was really impressed!!  It's quite possibly the coolest place I have ever been to for drinks; it feels like you are sitting outside...even though you are inside!  Maybe I'm easily pleased but after you see the photos I took, I'm sure you'll agree!!

 Little OOTD glimpse in the gorgeous mirror!

 Ching ching daaaaarling! Delicious!

I could have sat in The Botanist for hours gossiping and drinking cocktails, however we had reservations at Zizzi to get to so it was more of a quick drink and a run to avoid the wind and rain!

After a quick bite at Zizzi, we were really disappointed to find that the cake we wanted to sample from the dessert menu was all gone, so we hot footed it to the Pudding Parlour at Fenwick for cake instead.  The Pudding Parlour NEVER lets us down and we happily shared a mini egg slice and a lemon and coconut cake in the North East!

After filling our tummies with sugary treats, we managed to arrive at the City Hall just in time to catch the first support act.  I have no idea what they were called but judging by our reaction, you can probably tell how good they were...

...put it this way, we maybe should've stayed for more cake!!!

We were then entertained Monica Michael (amazing voice!) and just had time for a quick selfie and a drink before Blue took to the stage!

I was so excited to see the boys again after a year and a half since their last headline tour (read about that here).  Their new album 'Colours' sees them take a real change of direction and over the years they've really grown into an amazing vocal harmony group.  I loved their new suited and booted image, their dancing was great and we had so much fun dancing and singing along to all our faves, old and new.  I'm not going to go into it to much as I suppose you really had to be there, but I thought this would be a great place to share my photos and a great way to reminisce in years to come!  We always have a fab night when we see Blue and leave beaming with smiles on our faces! Thanks boys!

I think this last photo sums up the night perfectly...

 ...thanks boys, we'll see you next time!!!



  1. So impressed you managed to get seats .. ACTUAL SEATS ... in the Botanist! What time did you go? I took my friend on Saturday and went early (3:00 pm ish) in the hope of beating the crowds and it was still heaving in the bar, we left at 4:40 pm and the queue had formed outside as usual! Crazy!

    1. I went at 540ish on a Tuesday...think we got the last seats though!! x


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