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Dublin: An Anniversary Break...Part 1...

Hello lovelies!

I hope you've been well!  I've had a mini hiatus as ever since I hit my head (see previous post!) so I haven't really been able to face sitting at the computer.  But now I'm back and ready to tell you all about a little trip I had to Dublin a couple of weeks ago.  My lovely Mister and I have just hit our ten year milestone, so to celebrate we booked ourselves a few days holiday to Dublin; a place that we've always wanted to visit, so that's just what we did!

Taking a short flight from Newcastle, we landed in Dublin at around lunch time of Thursday 19th March and hopped straight onto the Eurobus to Grafton Street, just a stones-throw away from the lovely Trinity City Hotel.  When booking the holiday, I researched loads of hotels but in the end chose this four star beauty as it looked so quirky, was reasonably priced, is central and is one of the top-rated hotels in Dublin; I'd definitely recommend it!

We checked into our lovely room to call home for the next few days then started to plan our little trip (after I'd gotten over the excitement of having White Company goodies in the bathroom!).

Travelling is always tiring, so I wasn't too concerned at this point that my Mister was looking a little peaky, particularly as he'd had a little bit of a cold before we left.  We decided to sample the hotel's food and take it easy all afternoon before we were booked into 'The Vintage Kitchen' on the evening, a restaurant I'd been eager to try for months.  Sadly however it was not to be, poor Chris got really poorly really quickly and passed out after having a shower!  I managed to catch him as he fell and to bring him back to consciousness, but it was clear at this point that he was suffering from a virus and needed rest.  Once I got over the shock of seeing him so ill, he was sent to bed to recover whilst I cancelled our evening plans and ordered in the biggest burger I've ever set eyes on!

Waking up on Friday after quite a traumatic previous day, I managed to get Chris downstairs to have some breakfast but he was still quite ill and obviously needed rest.  He was so lightheaded on his feet that even changing our flights and coming home wasn't an option; I'd never have gotten him to the airport without him fainting!  So it was back to bed with him, and with his blessing I was off to explore Dublin on my own!  Anyone that knows me will tell you that my sense of direction is not my best characteristic however, determined to see the city and to make the most of a already chaotic holiday, I left the hotel and headed for...well...anywhere really!  After a much needed coffee...

...and a peruse of my map, I headed towards the Liffey in search of the Ha'penny Bridge.  After reading countless Cecelia Ahern books, I've always wanted to visit the Ha'penny Bridge, particularly after reading 'How to Fall in Love' (I won't spoil the plot but the bridge features heavily!).

After the bridge, I had a wander around Temple Bar and looked around some of the beautiful pre-loved designer vintage shops.  Siopaella which sold everything from Melissa to Chanel, was my favourite.  What I wouldn't give to have walked away with some of their pre-loved Chanel!!

I also visited Christ Church Cathedral and sat in the gardens listening to the bells.  The weather was glorious for March, so it was a great place to take the weight off whilst I pondered what to do next.  Christ Church is such a beautiful building and was so peaceful, it was the first moment where I really felt like I was on holiday.

So, after going back to check on Chris and having a wander along Grafton Street (which I'll come to a bit later on), I was in desperate need of some lunch.  Before coming to Dublin I'd heard amazing things about Queen of Tarts on Cow's Lane in the Temple Bar area, so I trundled back to where I began my day in search of cake lunch.  I found the smaller Queen of Tarts first which was heaving, but luckily the larger Cow's Lane establishment had a little table for one upstairs.  It was about this time that I was ready for a good old cup of tea, so I chose soup and soda bread and left room for an amazing slice of Bailey's chocolate chip cheesecake and it was a taste sensation!

The whole meal came to around ten Euros and was certainly worth every last cent.  If you're visiting Dublin I'd definitely recommend you visit, it's such an amazing and quaint little place!

Feeling full and tired from all of my exploring, I headed back to the hotel and was greeted by a slightly livelier Chris, who's temperature had dropped back to almost normal.  He was still feeling a little bit under the weather but felt well enough to have a wander around and I couldn't wait to show him all of the places I'd found during the daytime.  It felt so good to have my partner in crime back with me!

We took a little trip along Grafton street and found the famous and fabulous Molly Malone, and I couldn't wait to show Chris Brown's, an amazing department store selling Louis Vuitton to Louboutins (and Laduree Macarons!!).  We also took ourselves for a wander around the grounds of Trinity College.

 Molly Malone
 Chanel at Brown's
 Trinity College...

After Chris had been so poorly, we decided to head back to the hotel for food and to try and conserve his energy for a busy Saturday at the Guinness Storehouse.  I took so many photos at the Storehouse that I've decided to do a part two of the trip, so as not to bore you to death, dear readers.  But for now, here's what we had in the hotel...the food was unbelievable!

It just goes to show that even the scariest and unfortunate experiences can still produce happy memories.  I'm not going to lie, our Dublin holiday was not ideal and Chris was so unlucky to be so ill on holiday but with hindsight I'm really glad that we still managed to make some wonderful memories...more of which to come in part two!

That's all for now lovelies...until next time...


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  1. Poor Chris :( Thank goodness he made a recovery and could get out and about a bit .. I think you have a great excuse to go back and do it all again :)


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