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Dublin: An Anniversary Break Part 2: The Guinness Storehouse...

Hello lovelies!

So, as promised, here is part two of my Dublin trip.  Missed part one?  Don't worry, you can read it here!

After finally managing to nurse my poor Mister back to some sort of health, and managing to get him to eat some breakfast, we decided that our Saturday and last full day together in Dublin would be one for exploring.  WARNING: this is going to be an extremely photo heavy post!!

We started our day at Dublin Castle, which to be honest isn't much like a castle any more!  In fact it functions now as a police station, but in the interests of being touristy, we decided to have a wander around the grounds.

You can still pay to enter the castle, but as it was a lovely sunny day and we'd spent most of our time in Dublin cooped up, we decided to pass on the castle and opted to look around its beautiful gardens instead (the gardens are free to enter).

Before arriving in Dublin, we had pre-booked to visit the Guinness Storehouse (it's slightly cheaper if you book in advance and it means you avoid the queues when you arrive!).  The storehouse is a little out of the way, but definitely walkable from Dublin centre.  Don't make the mistake we did and get directions to the Guinness factory along the Liffey, as this is a completely different place!!!

The factory...apparently a completely different thing!

When we finally arrived at the Storehouse, we were so excited to get inside and explore.  It's absolutely huuuge and there's so much to see and do!  You even get a free pint of Guinness with your admission!  I'd never tried it before but was eager to see what it would taste like!

In years gone by, many Dublin families home-brewed beer and it was those that made the best beer that became renowned for it and could sell it at the highest price.  Arthur Guinness was from one of those families and his legacy still lives on across the world today.  The storehouse covers every element of the Guinness story, from how the stout is brewed and made, to how it should be tasted, how it should be pulled, how it has been advertised and finally and most importantly, how it should be drank and enjoyed!

 The lease signed by Arthur Guinness in 1759

 Hopps growing in the Storehouse

After learining about how Guinness is made, we went into the tasting chambers where you are greeted with the smell of the four main ingredients that make up a pint of their finest.  Some of the aromas were reminiscent of dark chocolate and you could definitely smell the hopps too!  In the tasting chamber we were given a mini shot of Guinness and taught how to swill it around the palette to ensure maximum flavour ready for when we would be drinking our free pint.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but I actually really liked the taste, it was delicious!  I also learned that the perfect temperature to drink Guinness is 6 degrees Celsius which was what my sample was pulled at and I have to say it tasted pretty perfect to me!

The next floor showed us all of the advertising campaigns for Guinness from across the years.  I really enjoyed this floor and could remember some of the old adverts, particularly the fish on the bicycle and the famous 'Tick follows Tock follows tick...' movie.

For the final part of our Guinness journey, we headed to the top of the building to enjoy our pint in the panoramic 360 degree sky bar, with beautiful views of Dublin from all angles.  The only problem was that the bar was so busy we couldn't really get to the windows to enjoy these views, so once we had our pints, decided to find a seat on a lower floor where we could have a rest and really enjoy them.  On a quieter day though I'd really recommend the sky bar!

After feeling quite tipsy from my one pint (I'm such a lightweight!) we headed for lunch in the Storehouse, before leaving for some fresh air and a wander around.  We ambled up to O'Connell Street where there was a water charge protest taking place, so we decided to hot foot it back to Grafton Street for a wander around the shops.  I absolutely adored Brown's, as mentioned in my previous post and managed this time to pick up a little souvenir to bring home...


As St Patrick's Day was just a few days before our visit, some of the shops were still kitted out in their Green finery in honour of the occasion.  My favourite window was this one...

We spent the final part of our day wandering around St Stephens Green Park, which was so pretty in the warm Spring sun.  We were so lucky to have such beautiful weather for our trip!

Dublin is such a wonderful place and everything is so closely compacted that you only really need a couple of days to wander around it.  I'd have loved to have sampled the nightlife of Temple Bar and tried out some of the gorgeous restaurants but sadly this time it wasn't meant to be.  I'm so glad we used the Saturday to end our trip on a high and it was so lovely to get away and spend some time with my favourite person!

I didn't really do much shopping in Dublin, but couldn't resist this in the airport...

I also bought myself another Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in the shade 'Adrienne' which you can read more about here.  After buying Ina and loving it so much, I couldn't resist having another.  I got a few souvenirs too and a little Micky and Minnie St Patrick's Day brooch from the Disney store so as to bring a little piece of Ireland home with me!

If you are deliberating a trip to Dublin it's a lovely place for a visit and there is definitely something for everyone!  I definitely would love to revisit one day, let's just hope that next time we have no illness!!


  • Brown's for fashionistas, makeup lovers and macaron enthusiasts
  • Queen of Tarts-amazing cake!
  • Visit Molly Malone
  • History lovers will adore Trinity College
  • Grafton Street was my favourite for shopping
  • The Guinness Storehouse is so much fun!
  • The Trinity City Hotel is a gorgeous place to stay.
  • Temple Bar for Vintage Shops

Until next time!



  1. A few people have said to me that Guinness in Ireland tastes really different to the stuff you get over here, apparently it's far nicer! I've never made it to the Storehouse so definitely one for when we (eventually) get there - I've done the Heineken tour in Amsterdam and really enjoyed that. I'm so impressed you managed to finish your pint, I don't think I would have been able to do that!

    Trust you to find macarons!

    I'm actually thinking about buying myself Adrienne - I'm not much of a lipstick wearer but I've been looking for the perfect nude type of colour and I think Chanel is winning at the moment! May treat myself at the weekend when we're in York!

    1. I don't usually drink pints so I was quite proud of myself ha! Buy it buy it!!! Xx

  2. Great photos, I love Dublin! Glad to hear that you had a wonderful time :)

    Camille xo

    1. Thanks lovely it was fab! Once boyfriend wasn't ill anymore that it! Xx

  3. This sounds like a brilliant trip! You definitely fit a lot in! :)


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