Friday, 3 April 2015

Afternoon tea at Marco Pierre White...

Hello lovelies!

A few weeks ago, I took my lovely Mama L to Marco Pierre White in Newcastle to sample afternoon tea.  Marco Pierre White's Steakhouse is part of Hotel Indigo and after hearing so much about it I was really keen to visit.  Just before Christmas, there was an offer on Living Social for afternoon tea for two for just £17; a perfect little extra gift for my Mam and a great opportunity to sample what MPW had to offer.

We started the day as we meant to go on with a coffee and, in my case, a pain au chocolat at Cafe Nero in Fenwick.  I always try to be sensible with my eating at home, so when I go out I like to mad!  Plus, I am a firm believer that sugar helps to build your energy for shopping...or something like that!  We didn't have much on the agenda shopping wise, but I couldn't resist a trip to Vivienne Westwood and I love what they've done with the window there!  The tailoring on the black and white skirt suit is absolutely divine!

After our little jaunt around the shops, it was time to get ourselves to Marco Pierre White for our 2pm reservation; I couldn't wait to see what was on offer!  On arriving at Hotel Indigo, you have to pass through reception to reach the entrance of Marco Pierre White.  We were greeted by the friendliest host, who took our coats and our voucher number, then led us straight to our table.  I was really impressed by the surroundings; the restaurant had a fresh, modern feel without being too clinical and cold.  The atmosphere was relaxing, the interior stylish and fun and the friendly waiting staff were quick and helpful with the service.  The only thing I found a little bit odd was that the place was filled with enormous blown up photographs of MPW himself, but I suppose if you're that good a chef then you're entitled to put your face all over your restaurant!!

Not long after being seated, it was time for the big reveal...the arrival of the tea stand and the defining moment of every afternoon tea sitting.  The bottom layer was filled with huge (and warm) fruit and plain scones with clotted cream (yes!) and jam.  The middle tier this time was for the sandwiches which were cucumber, ham and smoked salmon and my new favourite afternoon tea addition, a mini quiche.  And finally my favourite tier, the cake tier, offered mini chocolate brownies, passion fruit French macarons and a little glass which contained some sort of cake with liqueur (I misheard the name of this one-bad blogger!).  The stand looked impressive and we tucked straight in!

I like to think of myself as a bit of an afternoon tea connoisseur these days (I've had so many it's a wonder I don't resemble a whale!) but when I have afternoon tea I like to eat it slowly and savour it.  Mama L on the other hand was starving, so was tucking into her scones whilst I was still trying to plough through my sandwiches!  I really enjoyed the cucumber and ham sandwiches, but I passed on the smoked salmon and traded mine with Mam in favour of an extra cucumber one (smoked salmon is my least favourite filling!).  The mini quiche however was absolutely exquisite! It was made with shortcrust pastry which crunched and crumbled perfectly and the cheese filling was both moreish and satisfying; just perfect!  Onto the scones; I managed to eat both my fruit and half of my plain scone.  They were really tasty and just how scones should be, warm and not too dry.  After a little rest, I moved on to the cakes, and the chocolate brownie filled with chocolate goo was definitely my favourite.  By this point, Mama L was feeling full so I may have eaten her brownie too, it was too good to waste!  I also loved the macaron but hated the little glass of something which I can confirm was Drambuie...yuck!!  Fine if you like that sort of thing, but sadly I don't!!  Once the cake stand was cleared I felt like I needed a little sleep as I often do after having afternoon tea; a good sign that I had been well-fed!

So, to the verdict, how would I rate afternoon tea at Marco Pierre White?  Well, it was certainly enjoyable and if you haven't had many afternoon teas it's definitely a good one to set the bench mark.  However, afternoon tea at the Vermont still edges it for me as my favourite, followed closely by the homely tea offered by the Oak Cafe.  Nevertheless we had a fabulous afternoon of luxury and I'd love to revisit MPW for an evening meal; the food looked delicious!

Afternoon tea at Marco Pierre White starts at £15.95 per person and is usually served between 230-5pm.  Booking is essential.  You can book yours here




  1. ooooo those scones look divine haha!
    Bit pricey usually for something like that in my eyes but it looks worth it :)

    Jennifer's Journal x

    1. Yeah, I got two for £17 but I'm not sure I'd pay the full price as it wasn't my favourite afternoon tea!


  2. Lovely! We really really need to get you to Jesmond Dene House! It'll blow you away!

    1. I had an amazing one yesterday at the Mad Hatter! Xxx

  3. Ciao =)
    I will follow u on INSTAGRAM for sure =)

    Please read my last post :

    LOVE U
    LF @ladyfur


  4. I just want to say that posts like these are my favourite. The first few photos remind me of Blenheim Palace in England (somewhere aha), have you ever been?

    Little Moon Elephant

    1. I haven't been but I'd love to go! Thanks for commenting! xx


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