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Have you met Arthur? Chanel Rouge Coco..

Hello lovelies!

I've been so excited to write this post because as you know by now,  I love to wax lyrical about Chanel!!  I don't often write beauty posts but I am a huge fan of Chanel makeup, in fact most days it's all I wear!  So when I received an email from Chanel Beauty a few weeks ago saying that they were about to launch twenty six new lipsticks on March 13th, I couldn't contain my excitement!!  And the best part?  They were also offering a free sample of some of the shades to try before you buy!  I hot-footed it straight to Chanel to pick up my little starter kit, and booked my flash makeover appointment at Fenwicks knowing I'd definitely be wanting something from the selection!

A little bit about the lipsticks now; they are super-hydrating...hooray!  I don't enjoy a dry lipstick for many reasons.  I don't like the texture and I hate it when you smile and feel like your lips are so dry that they are about to fall off!!  I am a massive fan of Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks so I was uber excited when I tried the new Rouge Coco range to find that they are just as hydrating.  They are "enriched with mimosa, jojoba and sunflower plant butters" and boy can you tell!  They glide over the lips and give an amazingly rich colour.  The hardest part was choosing just one...

I always think it's easier to choose a lipstick when you see how it looks on a person away from harsh beauty hall lighting, so above I tried all of the lipsticks from the free sample pack which will hopefully help you in deciding which you prefer (or at least which colour route to choose!).  My favourite from the sample pack is definitely Adrienne and I've already decided to purchase that one the next time I'm near a Chanel counter.  I wasn't a fan of Coco as I felt it was too orange against my skin, but I did like Arthur and Roussy.  Emilienne again I felt was a little too severe for my skin tone, but would probably work great as an evening colour.

I didn't try my free samples before having my flash makeover as I wanted to save them for this post.  I had an idea in mind of what sort of shade I wanted to go for after seeing Roussy, so I headed down the pink route, but there are so many shades to choose from that I definitely think there's one for every occasion, whether you want an everyday nude or an evening statement colour.  I'm heading to Dublin with my Mister at the end of this week and I only want to take one lipstick, so I wanted a shade that would work great through the day but would carry through, so I used that to influence my decision.  In the end I chose Ina with the help of my amazing makeup lady who thought the blue undertones worked well with my eye colour.  But you can decide for yourself...

Either way I absolutely adore the colour and knew the second it was applied to my lips that it was the one for me!  It was love at first swatch!!

I am by no means a beauty expert, but I always find the staff at Chanel super helpful.  I left with a bundle of free samples too; also great for taking to Dublin.  I'm not really a foundation wearer, but I can't live without my Chanel CC cream.  For those that are interested, the CC cream is about to be relaunched this coming Friday in a larger range of shades, so I left with the new number 20 to try, as well as a moisturiser and a sample bottle of my favourite Chanel fragrance Coco Madamoiselle!

Thanks again to Alexa at Fenwicks for helping me to choose the right shade and for all of the extra goodies!  Which shade would you go for? 


Find out more about Rouge Coco here!
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  1. Adrienne is definitely my favourite of the bunch too! I'm yet to find a lip product I can get on with, no matter what I try I find that my lips dry out ... I'm very much a Vaseline girl!

    1. These are work the investment Chloe, amazing!! Xx

  2. Chanel lipsticks are my guilty pleasure, I'll definitely be checking these out xxx

  3. Lovely colours, they suit you so much!

    Best wishes,

    Camille xo

  4. Oh my the number 3 looks lovely on you!


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