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Afternoon tea at the Vermont for a special birthday...

Hey lovelies!

Another food post today, and this one will truly make your tastebuds sing because I'm talking about afternoon tea again. Just recently you may remember that I posted about my niece Rachel turning 21 (here).  As it was her special birthday and I hardly see her when she's away at York Uni, I wanted to take her for a proper elegant birthday treat; a one to remember and the perfect opportunity for a day of girlie gossip and a good old catch up! So what better place to do this than at the Vermont! I loved afternoon tea there at Christmas, and was keen to try it again.

Our day of choice was a very blustery Thursday in February, so we were certainly glad of the warm and cosy surroundings. The Vermont manages to maintain an air of elegance but yet is so relaxing I always feel as though I could kick off my shoes and curl up there with a book for a whole afternoon. After being shown to our table, it wasn't long before our tea arrived (bottomless tea for that authentic afternoon tea experience!) and we were left to choose which afternoon tea we wanted from the menu.

I loved the cups, very Madhatter's Tea Party!

At the Vermont, you really are spoilt for choice.  We opted for traditional afternoon tea, but there really is something for everyone with options of Champagne and Gentleman's to name a few.  We didn't have to wait long for our cake stand to arrive, and boy did it look delicious!

Slightly different from my visit at Christmas, the sandwich selection this time was ham, egg mayonnaise, salmon and cucumber and Coronation chicken; all were absolutely delicious!  I don't normally go for Coronation chicken, but here it was unbelievably good!  We had requested plain scones as Rachel isn't a fan of fruit and they came warm and crisp.  I, on the other hand, love a good fruit scone so I was pleased that they still brought fruit ones for me!  The Vermont are very good with dealing with specific dietary requirements; they were very accommodating to Chloe's nut allergy at Christmas and couldn't be more helpful with our specific requirements again this time around.  I'm pleased to say the cream was proper clotted cream, and the cute little jam pots are just the sweetest things ever!   I only managed one of my scones as I was saving room for the cake layer, but it was so tasty; I wish I'd had room for both!

After a little rest, we began ploughing through the cake layer.  I have to confess I can't remember what most of the cakes were, but they were all incredible! I particularly enjoyed the mini tarte that was topped with raspberry as the shortcrust pastry was a beautiful texture.  I also really enjoyed the mini meringues and the ginger cake; I love ginger cake and don't think it gets enough credit for how amazing it is, so I'm championing it today!

The lemon posset  was definitely memorable...delicious!!

We seemed to spend forever battling to get through the cake stand, but we were left to enjoy and take our time which is definitely a necessary part of enjoying afternoon tea and the Vermont get a big thumbs up for that every time!  They really did help make Rachel's 21st feel special and I'll definitely be visiting again for afternoon tea in the future!

Happy 21st Rachel!


You can book afternoon tea at the Vermont here.

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  1. Oh it looks delicious! We're off to the Vermont later this month (although not for afternoon tea). Looking forward to it even more now. Thanks for linking to #LoveNorthEast

    1. It's my favourite place to afternoon tea and you're welcome! Hope you enjoy it!


  2. Afternoon tea is always my birthday treat of choice (no surprise there eh?) I have one booked ready for 2 weeks time! Happy Birthday Rachel!

    1. Yes I always have birthday afternoon tea too! Best way to spend a birthday! X

  3. Looks delicious- I've had a fancy for a proper afternoon tea experience for a while now and this has just made me want it even more!

    Eats x

  4. Definitely go there! I've got another couple of reviews coming up soon!


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  6. What a beautiful outdoor area and hot tub!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist


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