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Say it with Vogue...

Hello lovelies!

It was recently my lovely niece's 21st birthday and I really wanted to get her something special; a present that she would always remember and treasure forever.  When I was having a coffee with my lovely friend Dani one day, she was telling me about her obsession with magazine subscriptions and how she loves Vogue so much (you can see why we are friends!!) that her boyfriend bought her a throwback issue of Vogue from the month that she was born for one of her birthdays.  I knew then that I'd do the same for Rachel, as she too loves Vogue and has done from a very young age.  What better way to say 'Happy 21st'  than with a piece of your own fashion history!  I hope she'll read it and go on to get it framed so she'll always have it (I'd like to point out that I also took her for afternoon tea but that will feature in a different post).

Rachel's Vogue (from her instagram account)

Buying Rachel's Vogue completely sparked my curiosity about my own birthday issue.  I've had a Vogue subscription for as long as I can remember; in fact I don't think I could live without it.  I always think of that quote from Sex and the City where Carrie tells a fashion photographer that when she was poor she bought Vogue rather than food because she felt like it fed her more.  Too true!  So with that in mind, I ordered myself the issue from when I was born, December 1985.  Being a Christmas baby, I was expecting nothing less than a bumper issue and was hoping and praying for full on eighties fashion (think poodle perms and shoulder pads) and it definitely didn't disappoint!

Hello Vogue December 1985

I found my issue on Ebay.  It was £4.99 and £4.00 delivery due to the weight of the magazine (much cheaper than Rachel's issue too even though let's face it, it's practically an antique!!) but I thought that was an absolute steal!  It came in perfect condition and beautifully wrapped, with a very young Uma Thurman (waaaaay before Kill Bill) adorning the front cover.  But the bit I was most excited to see was the fashion.  Cue dodgy adverts and big hair...

Nice hair...
Shoulder pads anyone?
Many of the articles are the same, but have obviously massively moved with the times (Vogue notices etc) and it's also super unusual to see style icons of the day that we have since sadly lost; Princess Diana in the case of this issue.  Also, I came across a spotlight part of the issue that profiles local North East runner and all round nice guy Steve Cram looking particularly baby-faced and Bob Geldof long before he became a silver fox.

Baby-faced Steve Cram!!
Bob Geldof

But as always with Vogue, it's the designers that sell it, and the fashion photography in the adverts has definitely stood the test of time (the one from YSL below being my favourite).

Nobody does it better than Paris...

The beauty of print I guess is that you can always look back but it's honestly like taking a glimpse into another world!  I don't feel old at twenty-nine, but fashion has really come on in twenty-nine years, it's just fun looking back and learning all about what ladies loved in 1985 and what made them form a love affair with Vogue just like I have all those years later.

So if you love Vogue and get the opportunity, why don't you look back and try and hunt down your birth issue?  You'll be amazed at what you'll find!  I'm definitely going to frame mine after enjoying it with a cup of tea and a biscuit!  After all, it's a fashion institution!

I wonder what you'll find in your Vogue!


All photographs are my own but are taken of pages from the issue of Vogue.  I do not own the rights to the original images from the magazine-but thanks to the wonderful world of fashion photography I can at least share them with you!


  1. What a fantastic idea for a birthday present. I need to go and look up mine now! Actually my Mum saved a few magazines from the week I was born, I have a feeling I have an old copy of something daft like "Woman's Own" or something from March 1981 .. not quite as glamorous as Vogue!

    1. Aww they'd still be great to look through though!! Xx

  2. What a fab post :) so glad you got yours too! It's sooo special to me xxx

  3. Wow! Really cool and interesting present.

  4. Beautiful!! Wanna follow each other?

  5. This is such a good idea! I want to find mine now! Thanks for commenting on my blog! :) xx

  6. oh dear I just looked and mine (December 1992) is £27 what the hell!! x

    1. You're welcome!! Thanks for commenting back! Wow that's a lot!!! Must have been a good year 1992!!! Xx

  7. Aw that is brilliant! So interesting to find out what was in when you were born!

  8. What a brilliant and thoughtful idea! :)
    Something to look back on.

    Mine being two years previous to yours, I'm sure it'll be similar.. oh the shoulder pads!lol


    1. Haha! You've got to love a shoulder pad! And a perm haha! xx


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