Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The end of my 2014 part 2...

Hello lovelies!

Hope you've been enjoying the snow...and if you haven't had any you're really not missing out ha!  The snow does make my reminiscing about Christmas seem more acceptable though, so I'm going to use today's post to continue on with sharing my Christmas Day and the end of 2014...(if you missed Part 1 it's here)

So, after leaving Mama L's house after a lovely Christmas feast and a slice of my Dad's amazing meringue, I headed home to start my second Christmas with my Mister.  Traditionally, we always start our present opening with a glass of champagne (happy birthday to me!) and this year we also had the Laduree macarons to munch on we bought in London...yummy!

Once we were good to go, Jay-Jay was first to get opening, and this year he was even helping to tear the wrapping paper!

He got lots of doggy goodies and is still working his way through all of the chews and biscuits he was given.  He also got a lovely new Cath Kidston collar but he's saving it for his summer wardrobe!

Chris was next to open and was very confused when the first thing he opened was this...

He didn't know at the time but I'd bought him a Hot Dog toaster for one of his presents (he loves his gadgets and I saw one on the Gadget Man!) so I decided to wrap up some hotdogs and buns and get him to open them first...he thought I'd gone insane!  I also got him a David Watts scarf, a new Ted Baker wallet, Russell Brand's Revolution book and a chocolate pizza and he seemed pleased.  He got lots of other goodies and money from other people too so Santa was certainly good to him.

Then it was my turn.  I honestly didn't write this post to show off or brag about what I got but I was really humbled by everything I received for my Christmas and Birthday.  It's so lovely to be thought of and I was thought of with bells on, so thank you to everyone that took the time and effort to buy me something, cards and presents, I was so overwhelmed!  By posting it here too, I always think it's the perfect way to look back and remember what I got!

These were my gifts from Chris and they were all really thoughtful!  I let out a little squeal when I opened my shoes as I saw them months ago and didn't get them...I couldn't believe he actually remembered!  He's a keeper!  I was also really excited about my Nike running watch (which is amazing!) because I can use it both indoors and outdoors so I'll no longer have to take my phone when I run; and it syncs with my Nike app so I won't lose the results I've already recorded.  He also got me running socks which I desperately needed!  The Tefal Actifry is amazing and means I can make more syn free and tasty Slimming World meals (the chips are out of this world!) and the Thermo-Flask is perfect for me to take warm soups to work in the winter months.  I also got my amazing Lush box, new Levi's, my Paris book and my Sunderland scarf for when we go to the match.  Thanks babe!

These were the rest of my goodies (some of them you'll spot from the first post!); totally spoiled so thank you everyone for being so kind!!

After opening and tidying away, we got into our pyjamas and tried out our new gadgets...hotdogs and chips for tea followed by lots of Christmas sweets and trashy Christmas TV, the perfect end to Christmas Day!

Tasty chips from the actifry!

On Boxing Day we headed to Newcastle for the sales and had a fab day.  Although we didn't pick much up, I used my Christmas money to treat myself to some more Chanel CC cream and the gorgeous 'My Burberry' perfume that I fell in love with in London, so thank you to everyone that contributed towards that!!

With Christmas all wrapped, I feel as though I should also mention New Year's Eve.  We've never been big on celebrating New Year's but this year was the first year in all of the time we've been together that we spent it at home with just the two of us and Jay-Jay!!  We double-teamed it and cooked a really delicious meal before curling up to watch TV (we were struggling to stay awake until midnight if I'm honest but we managed it-so rock and roll!).  It was such a lovely evening and although to some it may be a boring way to spend it, I think it may have been my best one yet!

So there you have it...the end of my 2014!  I'll be back soon to talk all things 2015 but for now thanks for reading lovelies and I hope 2015 is your best yet!

Love Coco xxx


  1. Love love love those shoes! I spotted some beautiful shoes in Next the other day - yellow with a snake print toe, I want them! But I showed them to simon and he said they looked like I was wearing yellow shoes and had trod on a snake! :(

    1. Aww thank you! They sound lovely...don't take a boy's advice when buying shoes ;) buy what you like haha xx

  2. Lovely post, I am glad you had a great Christmas and your meal at New Year looked delicious :)

    Camille xo


    1. Aww thank you lovely! It was delicious!! :) xxx

  3. Aw lovely post! :) And what a haul! You lucky spoilt lady! :p
    I'm still waiting for a pic of the hotdog gadget.. I'm intrigued! :p
    Shoes are gorgeous, BIG brownie points.. DEFFO a keeper! ;) Nike watch looks brilliant too. I have the Nike fuel band and Nike app. The fuel band is good, but I must admit I feel like a convict with it on sometimes.lol :p Good looks so yummy too......



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