Monday, 26 January 2015

2015...the last year of my 20s...

Hello lovelies!

I know the title may seem a little depressing but far from it!  Yes 2015 is quite the year for me as it is and will be the last year I have a 20 in my age; on December 25th 2015 I turn 30!  Yes 30!  When you're a kid and you think of a 30 year old, you think of someone old...30 seems ancient when you're 5, and an age that you'll never quite get to because it's soooooo far away.  Yes I thought that too but sadly it isn't true, 30 comes to us all one day.  And guess what?  So does 40 and get my drift!  However, I don't believe 30 is old now that I'm nearly there and I think 2015 is shaping up to be one of the best years I've ever had!  I know a lot of people that struggle to come to terms with the fact that they're going to be that age, but I am the complete opposite because for me, life feels like it's only just beginning.  I loved my twenties, but I feel like I'm finally in a place in my life where I am truly happy and very lucky!  So here they are, my plans and musings for the year ahead...

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30 things to do before I'm 30...

I love lists.  Lists of anything.  And ticking off lists.  I have them everywhere.  This is a list and an idea that has always intrigued me and I probably should have planned it before now really.  The problem is, I can't come up with 30 the minute I can't get many more than five!  If anyone has any suggestions, please give me inspiration in the comments box below.  Realistic ones though please, I ain't jumping outta no plane!  Here's what I have so far:

1 Go ice-skating (I'm 29-I've never been!!! Enough said really!)
2 Run 10k (I'm very in to my running, but I've never done anything past 5 miles!)
3 Plan my 30th (don't want a party, would like a holiday, don't know where to go etc, I need to decide!)
4 Go to New York and sit on Carrie Bradshaw's front porch steps (I already know this won't happen this year but a girl can dream!)
5 Decorate my bedroom so I'm happy with it (boring...but I never have the time!!)
6 Own a Burberry trench again (please please please!!!)
7 Go to Paris again (boyfriend if you're reading I've heard its wonderful at Christmas!)

That's it!!! Any suggestions or stories of what people did for their 30th would be helpful too, or if you're not 30 yet, how you are planning to spend yours.

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Things to look forward to in 2015...

Okay, for all I'm twittering on about my 30th and blah blah blah, I really have lots already in the pipeline for 2015, so here are the things you can look forward to reading about in Coco land in 2015...

1 More Cake Club outings

2 Afternoon Tea at the Oak Cafe with my VBF

3 Afternoon Tea with Mama L at Marco Pierre White in Newcastle

4 Mother's Day with Mama L at Jamie's Italian

5 I'm off to Dublin!! To celebrate spending ten years of my life with my lovely Mister! Eek!

6 A bestie weekend in London with my VBF to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition and lots of other little things such as a fashionista afternoon tea and a trip up the Shard!

7 The YSL exhibition at the Bowes Museum in July

8 A possible holiday to the South of France...fingers crossed!!

9 My 30th...did I mention I'm going to be 30 ;)

2014 wasn't all that bad...

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On reflection 2014 was pretty amazing.  My highlights were meeting some lovely people through my blog that have become great friends, visiting Paris, having lots of adventures with my best friend, having one of my choirs work with Gary Barlow, going to the original Chanel shop, gigging many great memories made and too many exciting things to count!  I hope 2015 is just as fun!!

Things not to ask me this year...

1 When are you getting married?

Answer: when we're ready.  I'm in no hurry to tie the knot thanks.  I'm blessed and lucky to have a wonderful boyfriend and to have spent 10 years with someone who I can honestly say is my best friend.  I know we will get married, and I don't mean to sound rude but it's no-one's business but mine and his.

2 Shouldn't you be having kids? Do you want kids? Why haven't you had any yet? etc etc

Anyone who's reached this age will know what I'm talking about.  Everyone that has kids, really I salute and applaud you.  I'm not a baby hater; in fact I love kids, I just haven't decided yet whether being a mother is really for me.  And I'm certainly not ready yet; I barely feel like a grown up myself and I'm useless without at least seven hours sleep.  So please don't judge me because I don't have any; it's hurtful and I'm not a horrible person because I'm still deciding.

So there you have it my 2015.  What are your plans?

What should I do for my 30th?

And what should I add to that list??!!

Thanks for reading!



Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The end of my 2014 part 2...

Hello lovelies!

Hope you've been enjoying the snow...and if you haven't had any you're really not missing out ha!  The snow does make my reminiscing about Christmas seem more acceptable though, so I'm going to use today's post to continue on with sharing my Christmas Day and the end of 2014...(if you missed Part 1 it's here)

So, after leaving Mama L's house after a lovely Christmas feast and a slice of my Dad's amazing meringue, I headed home to start my second Christmas with my Mister.  Traditionally, we always start our present opening with a glass of champagne (happy birthday to me!) and this year we also had the Laduree macarons to munch on we bought in London...yummy!

Once we were good to go, Jay-Jay was first to get opening, and this year he was even helping to tear the wrapping paper!

He got lots of doggy goodies and is still working his way through all of the chews and biscuits he was given.  He also got a lovely new Cath Kidston collar but he's saving it for his summer wardrobe!

Chris was next to open and was very confused when the first thing he opened was this...

He didn't know at the time but I'd bought him a Hot Dog toaster for one of his presents (he loves his gadgets and I saw one on the Gadget Man!) so I decided to wrap up some hotdogs and buns and get him to open them first...he thought I'd gone insane!  I also got him a David Watts scarf, a new Ted Baker wallet, Russell Brand's Revolution book and a chocolate pizza and he seemed pleased.  He got lots of other goodies and money from other people too so Santa was certainly good to him.

Then it was my turn.  I honestly didn't write this post to show off or brag about what I got but I was really humbled by everything I received for my Christmas and Birthday.  It's so lovely to be thought of and I was thought of with bells on, so thank you to everyone that took the time and effort to buy me something, cards and presents, I was so overwhelmed!  By posting it here too, I always think it's the perfect way to look back and remember what I got!

These were my gifts from Chris and they were all really thoughtful!  I let out a little squeal when I opened my shoes as I saw them months ago and didn't get them...I couldn't believe he actually remembered!  He's a keeper!  I was also really excited about my Nike running watch (which is amazing!) because I can use it both indoors and outdoors so I'll no longer have to take my phone when I run; and it syncs with my Nike app so I won't lose the results I've already recorded.  He also got me running socks which I desperately needed!  The Tefal Actifry is amazing and means I can make more syn free and tasty Slimming World meals (the chips are out of this world!) and the Thermo-Flask is perfect for me to take warm soups to work in the winter months.  I also got my amazing Lush box, new Levi's, my Paris book and my Sunderland scarf for when we go to the match.  Thanks babe!

These were the rest of my goodies (some of them you'll spot from the first post!); totally spoiled so thank you everyone for being so kind!!

After opening and tidying away, we got into our pyjamas and tried out our new gadgets...hotdogs and chips for tea followed by lots of Christmas sweets and trashy Christmas TV, the perfect end to Christmas Day!

Tasty chips from the actifry!

On Boxing Day we headed to Newcastle for the sales and had a fab day.  Although we didn't pick much up, I used my Christmas money to treat myself to some more Chanel CC cream and the gorgeous 'My Burberry' perfume that I fell in love with in London, so thank you to everyone that contributed towards that!!

With Christmas all wrapped, I feel as though I should also mention New Year's Eve.  We've never been big on celebrating New Year's but this year was the first year in all of the time we've been together that we spent it at home with just the two of us and Jay-Jay!!  We double-teamed it and cooked a really delicious meal before curling up to watch TV (we were struggling to stay awake until midnight if I'm honest but we managed it-so rock and roll!).  It was such a lovely evening and although to some it may be a boring way to spend it, I think it may have been my best one yet!

So there you have it...the end of my 2014!  I'll be back soon to talk all things 2015 but for now thanks for reading lovelies and I hope 2015 is your best yet!

Love Coco xxx

Sunday, 18 January 2015

The end of my 2014...part 1

Hello lovely people!

Sorry for the current blog MIA, I've had so much going on with work that I simply couldn't face the computer anymore than necessary.  But after what can only be described as a pretty miserable job-doing Sunday, I thought I'd cosy up with a cup of tea and tiptoe quietly back into the land of blog.  So first of all, happy new year!!  I'm not a huge fan of January to be honest (I'm usually on Christmas comedown for the whole month *sigh*) but this year it's been so full on I've hardly even noticed it!  So this is a somewhat late post all about the end of my 2014 and my lovely Christmas and birthday.  So here goes...

Christmas Eve was a little different this time around.  Every year of my whole life we have all gathered in Mama L's house to exchange gifts and eat lots of food (notably Mama L's amazing corned beef pie!).  This year, I offered to give my Mam a break and have everyone come to me and it was such a lovely little get together!  I was so busy chatting and running in and out of the kitchen that I completely forgot to take photos, but I did managed to take this one of my gorgeous lady!

Doesn't Mama L look amazing?

After everyone had left, I said goodbye to my Mister who went back home to spend Christmas with his family and as tradition, I went back to spend mine with Mama L, my Dad and Jay-Jay.  After being together for almost ten years, everyone always finds it unusual that Chris and I still choose to spend Christmas Eve night and Christmas day morning apart, but it's how we've always done it and we always enjoy heading back to our little house on Christmas Day afternoon to open our presents together!

Christmas Eve at Mama L's is my favourite time of the year and this one was no exception.  First of all, my lovely VBF visited and we swapped presents and chatted excitedly about how psyched we were for the big day.  We even managed to buy each other the same Christmas card this time around, without even planning it!! Out of all the Christmas cards in the world I don't now how we managed it but I guess it just goes to show we truly are two peas in a pod!

Matching cards...and a little Jay-Jay head photo-bombing his way in!

Then after Natalie left, we all curled up in our pyjamas with a glass of wine and a some yummy cheese to watch 'The Holiday'.

Christmas morning started with a quick breakfast and a long walk with Jay-Jay, followed by a 2.5 mile run!  I'm really into my running and was really proud of myself for getting out on Christmas Day (and my birthday come to think of it ha!).  So then, after a well needed shower, we all got stuck in to our presents...yippeeee!  I only had some of my gifts at Mama L's (most I open with my Mister at home), but I got some really amazing things!

These were my amazing presents from Natalie.  She always buys the best, most thoughtful gifts and I was so overwhelmed that she got me this beautiful DKNY watch for my birthday as I've needed a new watch since forever!  The Coco t-shirt is perfect for this blog, don't you think? :)  Thanks bestie <3

The rest of the presents were from my lovely Mam and Dad.  My Mam bought me some gorgeous jewellery this year and many of my presents were a complete surprise.  I am so lucky to have such a thoughtful Mam <3.  My Dad got me the hairdryer (it's sparkly!!) and the Vivienne Westwood and Jamie Oliver books...thanks Dad!

After gifts, it was almost time for Christmas dinner.  Mama L is the most amazing cook and Christmas dinner is something that I really enjoy...who doesn't?  This year it was extra special as we've been doing Slimming World so it was the first time in ages we'd had Yorkshire Puddings and gravy...AMAZING!!  Even Jay-Jay had his own Christmas dinner!


 and Jay-Jay's!

We rounded the day off as we always do with Christmas top of the pops and the Queen's speech before I headed back home to start my second Christmas with my Mister.  Mama L's Christmas was another amazing one, so if she's reading this I just want to thank her for an amazing time as always!

Because I don't want you to overdose on Christmas cheer, I'll be back later in the week with part two of my Christmas Day, so if you've come this far thanks for reading!

Until next time,

Kay xxx
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