Sunday, 7 December 2014

Day 7: Christmas shopping here, there and everywhere...

Hello lovelies!

Can you believe the first week of December is over already?  We are so close to Christmas I can practically hear sleigh bells and smell the mulled wine!!  I love Christmas so much, and Day 7 on Coco's advent really reflects that!  Here's a look at the lovely decorations I've spotted whilst out and about doing my present buying...
Christmas Wishful Thinking...

Okay, so these two aren't strictly Christmas related, but seeing Vivienne Westwood's autumn stock in their window made me feel super excited for all things wintery! I always love looking a the new VW window, and Santa if you're listening, I love the Snowman orb necklace that they have in stock at the moment.  A bargain at erm, £85...!  And also, if you could bring me this Chanel handbag from one of Fenwicks' windows, I'd be eternally grateful! :)  You can see the snowman here...thanks Santa in advance!

Back to the decorations then...
A big bauble at the Bridges, Sunderland

These two photographs were taken at Dalton Park.  I am particularly in love with the reindeer.  Dalton Park always have light up reindeer and they are so cute!  I think it might look out of place but I'd love one for my garden!  I also really liked their simplistic tree this year.

Meeting Monty (eek!)...
 I haven't had the opportunity to see Fenwicks' window properly yet, but I plan to with my VBF on the last Friday before Christmas, so watch this space!  I have done something equally exciting though...I met Monty!

If you don't know who Monty is, then shame on you!!  He is the star of the new John Lewis Christmas advert, which you can watch here.  I'd love a real Monty for Christmas, but I'm not sure Jay-Jay would be very happy if I moved a penguin into our house.  So instead I went to John Lewis and met him, and I'm probably the only 28 year-old to be excited about it (although at the time I pretended I was deeply embarrassed and far too old to be meeting a plastic penguin, obviously) but if you're in Newcastle, or near any other Fenwicks up and down the country, go and give him a wave.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Watch this space for more Christmas related posts throughout advent as I continue my Christmas shopping antics.
Have you seen any nice store decorations?



  1. Such a cute post, loving all the christmas decorations xx

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