Thursday, 4 December 2014

Day 4: Neon Run UK

Hello lovelies!

Day 4 of Coco's advent takes us back to October, when my VBF and I took on Neon Run UK, a 5k race in the dark with lasers, lights and music all along the route! It was so much fun, and a great challenge for two best friends to share!

So as a bit of a back story, let me tell you a bit about my running.  2 years ago I couldn't run.  Nope, not me!  Okay, I'm lying, I could run, just not very far!  My Mister is an excellent runner and used to run for Richmond in his teens.  He always encouraged me to get into running, but as much as I tried I just couldn't.  Then two summers ago, I decided I wanted to run...not on a treadmill, proper outdoors running, and I quickly got addicted!  When I started I couldn't even run a mile and I ached for days afterwards!  But this time I stuck to it, and this spring/summer I really pushed myself.  I even started running on my own!! Fast forward to now and I try and run at least 5k twice a week, just around the village where I live.  I've watched my time improve, I can now run comfortably uphill without having a mini heart attack, and I finally feel like I can call myself a runner, I can't get enough of it!  I usually manage 5k in about 30 mins, a massive improvement to when I first started and it's one of my proudest achievements to date!

So after this little build up, I decided it was time to race.  Don't get me wrong, I don't feel ready to run a marathon, but a little fun run couldn't hurt surely?  So one day whilst browsing Facebook, I spotted Neon Run UK, a run combined with music, lights and dancing and asked my lovely VBF if she wanted to do it with me.  Fast forward to October and we were ready to race!

The run took place at Herrington Country Park in Sunderland, on a cold and blustery day in October.  We were kitted up in our best running gear and on arrival were given the coolest 'Neon Run' tshirt complete with the hashtag #lightupthenight, a flashing bracelet and our race numbers.  Once in our kit, we had a dance at the Capital stage before the race was ready to begin!  We'd entered into the 'jogging' category, but when we spotted some of the 'elite runners' we decided we'd have nothing to worry about so we ran with them!  It was very disorientating running in the dark, as some of the course was only lit up by people with glow-sticks!  Because it was a windy day, some of the course had to be changed at the last minute, so we had to run the new course twice to reach the 5k distance.  The first music station was old school, so we had a boogie as we were passing through, then on to rock,  and the Capital station, then past the main stage and around the course again for the second time.  The lights were amazing; some made us dizzy, some were super colourful, and others made it feel like we were in a nightclub!

Even Jay-Jay wanted some glo-stick action!!
The best thing about the run was the atmosphere!  Everyone was in a party mood and it was so much fun, especially running it with my best friend!  Natalie and I hadn't ever ran together before and we weren't going to take the run seriously, but we couldn't help ourselves and we managed to complete the course in about 25 minutes, definitely a time to be proud of!  I was so proud of my bestie and our achievement and I'd definitely do another run like that again.  The only downside was that with the last minute change I'm not sure the course was quite 5k, but never mind, we ran it well anyways :)

You can find more about Neon Run here.

We had an amazing time! Have you done any fun runs?



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