Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Day 23: A little birthday/Christmas tea...

Hello lovelies!

This is a later than usual day 23 post, I can't believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve!! Today's post is all about a lovely little afternoon tea I had today at Serendipity...

Every year as a way to get all my lovely ladies together, we have a festive afternoon tea at Serendipity.  For those of you that may be new to my blog, Serendipity is my favourite little tearoom in Sunderland and is ran by my lovely friend June.  It's the perfect setting to relax, drink tea, eat cake and swap presents!

I was first to arrive today, which meant I could take some photos of the table to show you...

I was very excited to see the addition of macaroons this year, which as you probably all know by now are my all time favourites!  We also had egg mayonnaise, cheese and chutney, ham and tuna sandwiches which were really tasty.  I've been doing Slimming World with Mama L for a while now (another story for another day!) so I don't really eat sandwiches very often meaning today's were a real treat.  The scones are always delicious (I ate the fruit one with clotted cream and jam)  and the chocolate cake and mini mince pie were yummy too, but that's all I managed before I was fit to burst!

This year's party was made up of my Mam and I, June and my friends Shelley, Debbie and Jen.  Unfortunately my lovely VBF had work stuff to arrange so couldn't come along, but it was so lovely to catch up with everyone else and exchange gifts...I had such a fun time!

We didn't stay too long as everyone still had Christmassy stuff to do (and no-one wanted their photos taken!) but it's always nice to get together with everyone and wish them all an amazing Christmas!  I did however manage a lovely photo of Mama L looking glam after losing nearly a stone and a quarter in her fabulous new size 14 dress from Roman...so here's a sneaky peek!

And she insisted on taking one of me...

...in pretty much my favourite dress which seems to pop up all of the time in my blog posts (I swear I have others!)!!!

We had such a lovely time, as we always do at Serendipity, so thanks June for arranging it once again!  And a special thanks to Jen who paid for mine as an added birthday treat!

Merry Christmas ladies!


PS-afternoon tea is £15 at Serendipity...go ahead and try it, you'll love it! 



  1. Wow! Well done Mama L - looking amazing!

    I need to do a Serendipity afternoon tea in 2015 - New Years resolution!

  2. This looks so lovely!! xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Aw this looks lovely! I love the festive table decoration! Especially Rudolph! :)
    How nice to have everyone together and your mam looks AMAZING! Well done her! The dress is a day stopper on her! :)


    1. She looks so good doesn't she? I'm so proud of her :) it was such a fun day, afternoon tea at serendipity is always amazing xxx


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