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Day 22: A little bit of Chanel Part Two...

Hello lovelies,

As a little bit of a follow up up yesterday's theme, day 22 of advent is another Chanel post.  This time however, I'm looking at 'Reincarnation', a short Chanel film by Karl Lagerfeld, which was created to accompany the show featured in yesterday's post.  You can watch the film here.

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'Reincarnation' takes place in Gabrielle Chanel's time and features all of the models from the show as wait staff, receptionists etc.  Cara Delevingne and Pharell Williams are the main protagonists in this story; Cara as a waitress and Pharrell a bell boy operating the lift.  When we first enter the scene, we see the most gorgeous regal paintings hanging on the wall, bearing a striking resemblance to our main characters and to Lagerfeld's godson Hudson.  We see Cara serving guests then gazing up to the painting of the beautiful lady in waiting, before causing chaos in the restaurant and running away.  Then, focus leads to Gabrielle Chanel (played by Geraldine Chaplin) who heads to the lift and can't quite take her eyes away from the beautiful tailoring of Pharrell's suit jacket.  In the next scene, a dream sequence begins where Cara and Pharrell dance and sing to 'CC the World', composed by Pharrell for the film.  When Pharrell wakes up and is back to his bell boy duties, we see Gabrielle question him about his jacket, and a reference to the famous Chanel jacket is present; Gabrielle's staple piece.

As a massive Chanel fan, what I loved about this short film was the relationship between the old and the new breed of Chanel.  Anyone who loves Chanel, knows the weight and relevance of the Chanel jacket; Gabrielle's tailoring changed the world of fashion for women and made it okay for them to wear and appreciate the tailoring of men's clothes.  What's interesting about this piece is that all of the models featured wear the type of clothing that Chanel wanted to get away from when she created her own clothes; she wanted women to be able to move freely and breathe, one of the underlying concepts that is present here.

The dream sequence is weirdly wonderful.  I found it quite disturbing, yet borderline humorous like that of a 'Carry On' film!  For me it showed that everyone aspires to wealth in one way or another (Pharell and Cara wanting to be like the people in the paintings) but that those people that are already there take inspiration from those in everyday walks of life (Pharrell's jacket that is loved by Chanel). 

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Take from it what you will, the beauty of art is that there are no right or wrong answers, but I promise you'll enjoy it, if only for the clothes and the dream sequence!
Bravo Karl!


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