Saturday, 20 December 2014

Day 20: A festive day with my fellow elf...

Hello lovelies!

I can't believe I'm actually writing up day 20 of my advent posts...we are only five more sleeps away from the big day!  I don't know where December has disappeared off to this year but I'm so excited for the main event!  Are you all sorted yet?  I posted my last card today and finished my food shopping so I think I'm all sorted (yippee!).  I started my Christmas celebrations yesterday with a lovely shopping trip to Newcastle with my VBF...or should I say my VBEF...very best elf friend Natalie and what a lovely festive day we had!  Day 20's post is all about it!

We started the day as I said with a little metro journey to Newcastle.  The weather was cold!  It was bright and sunny but the wind was freezing so we opted to stay indoors for a while, starting with a little wander around a very festive Fenwicks Food Hall.  I love Fenwicks' Food Hall, the goodies are amazing and the patisserie counters are out of this world with a massive variety of sweet treats and delicacies on offer, there's definitely something for everyone.

I couldn't believe how good the mince pies looked and the Rudolph cakes, but we decided to wait until after our lunch before we bought anything in fear of being greedy and buying it all!!

From Fenwicks we headed over to John Lewis to meet a certain someone who'd usually live in the South Pole...

...yep that's right, I had another rendezvous with Monty!  Natalie hadn't had chance to meet him yet and as we got so well acquainted last time, I thought I'd introduce her to him.  I was really pleased that we visited  as we were given a Monty tote bag as a gift!  And it's amazing too, I can't wait to use it!  I also managed to get my hands on the macaroon diary I've wanted for ages too, so I can finally start planning out my work (and blogging!) for next year.

From there, we wandered in and out of a few shops, soaking up the Christmas atmosphere and generally feeling super festive.  After a browse around the new Accessorize store (which is great, spacious and so pretty!) we headed to the Olive and Bean cafe for some well-deserved lunch.  I'd not been to Olive and Bean before; the last time we tried to visit it was so busy we couldn't get a table, but Natalie assured me it was super tasty and she wasn't wrong!  I ordered some bacon and lentil soup and a skinny latte, whilst she opted for vegetable soup and a juice.  I was so excited to see that my soup came with a gorgeous baguette and although I couldn't eat it all, it was such a nice treat.  We shared a white chocolate and cranberry flapjack for dessert, so pretty soon I was fit to burst.  The food was delicious and I'm angry that I didn't photograph the cake counter; it was really impressive with so much choice!

 From all of the eating, I was ready for more walking and lots of fresh air, so we headed to Northumberland street to see Fenwick's window.  The unveiling of the window is a massive tradition in Newcastle and Mama L always took me to see it when I was a little girl.  Every time I've visited Newcastle during the festive period this year there has been a massive queue to see it but I was amazed to see that yesterday there was no queue at all!  I was super excited too as this year's window is 'Alice In Wonderland', one of my childhood faves.

I've heard some people aren't very happy with the window this year as it isn't festive, but I love it.  I definitely felt festive after snapping away at it!  Fenwicks' window is such a big part of my Christmas that I wouldn't feel without it.  Well done Fenwicks!  I think my favourite window was the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, but I also loved the dream sequence at the end.  Such an amazing story!

Festive Fenwicks flowers!

From seeing Alice, we headed back to the Food Hall and picked up some French macaroons to take home (with full tummies we wanted a lot less!) then made our way to Haymarket station for the metro.

Once we were back in sunny Sunderland, we were shortly in the car and heading to my house for what can only be described as our most festive tradition ever, Christmas film afternoon!  Last year we watched Arthur Christmas with Mama L, but this year it was all about our favourite and most quotable Christmas film...ELF!  I prepared us some non-alcoholic Mulled Wine, and we cuddled up to Jay-Jay and watched away whilst munching our macaroons...such a perfect start to the Christmas holidays and a perfect best friend day!

My macaroon diary (£8 John Lewis), Monty Tote and Carrie Bradshaw inspired Love keyring (£5 Accessorize)

A perfect Christmassy Day with my very best elf!



  1. OMG that tote bag is amazing! Having confessed to Simon that I've not seen Elf we bought it for £5 in Tesco this morning and we're going to watch it on Christmas Eve whilst we wait for Santa :) x

  2. Kay, this sounds like the perfect day! I need days like these.. without a screaming child. I mean I love him.. but, maybe just one day off?lol
    I'm so sad I haven't met Monty. :( That tote is adorable!
    The reindeer cupcakes look amazing, but sickly and the soup and crusty baguette.. yum!
    I deffo need to see a Fenwicks window. Maybe next year. :)


    1. Aww bless you! You definiteltly do, maybe we could incorporate the window into a festive cake club outing!! ;) xxx


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