Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Day 17: Christmas in my home...

Hello lovelies!

Following on from yesterday's post, I thought for Day 17 I would tell you all about Christmas in my home and talk about my Christmas decorating tradition.  When I lived with my parents, my Mam and I always put up the Christmas tree and decorations on or as near to December 1st as we could, so we could enjoy them throughout December whilst getting excited for the big day.  This is a tradition that I have carried on into my home.  This Christmas I have put up five Christmas trees so far (I'd love it to be my job if the work wasn't so seasonal!!).  I always put mine up first, a 6ft one in the living room and a smaller one for the landing, then my Mam's for her, then two in my Mister's Mum's house (Mama Pickersgill's!); I absolutely love doing it and spend ages separating the branches and spreading out the decorations with precision.  I've never had a real tree; I always worry that Jay-Jay would pee on it thinking he was outside or that because I put it up so early it would die before Christmas!  I think with the right technique though an artificial tree can look just as good!

To start with, I thought I'd upload some photos of how Christmas is looking in our house this year...

 Tree by day and night...

 Our cosy little fireplace...
 Jay-Jay's been a good pooch this year...

Just a few little photos of how Christmas is looking with us! I love it to be cosy and traditional, along with the Disney bits and pieces I showed you yesterday.  One of my favourite pieces is my little scottie dog ornamant; he's so cute!

I also thought it might be nice to show you my Mam's tree...

...we decorated it together this year one Sunday afternoon, but I didn't bank on my Mam being decorated too!!

And finally, the trees from Mama Pickersgill's house.  I'm particularly proud of the second one and I think the wooden toys and bows look so sweet.

So there you have it, my little collection of Christmas across the houses.  I can't wait for the big day to get here...and it's only 8 more sleeps...eeek!

Have you enjoyed preparing for Christmas this year?




  1. This all looks so pretty!!! xx

    Abi |

  2. You can do ours next year if you like? I love it when it's up but we're not very good at assembling it. This year we got very tangled in lights :(

  3. Beautiful decorations. All these small details make the house look so nice! I just love nutcrackers:)

  4. Wow! Love your festive home.. want your
    Your mams tree is AMAZING! It's massive! But beautifully decorated. :p :)
    Our dog has a stocking too.. Jury is still out on if she's been a good girl


    1. Aw thank you! You can't leave the dogs out can you? Yeah Jay-Jay's probably on the nice list this year, but it'll be for the first time ever haha x


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