Monday, 15 December 2014

Day 15: Serendipity's Christmas Fayre...

Hello lovelies!

For Day 15 of Coco's advent, I wanted to tell you about what I did yesterday.  On Sunday 14th of December, Christmas, crafting, candles and carols came alive at Serendipity Tea and Trinkets, for their annual Christmas Fayre.  You may remember that I sang last year at the fayre with my lovely friend Steph  who's just had a gorgeous little boy, so this year I flew solo and belted out some classic Christmas hits for the shoppers!  I even sang the Monty song!

I always use the Christmas Fayre for a blog post as it's a great way to drum up some extra business for the stall holders; I'm really passionate about promoting local business!  Plus the stalls are always so beautiful!

This lovely lady is June and she is the fabulous owner of Serendipity!  She had her own little stall of beautiful goodies, as well as a tombola and raffle with all the proceeds going to a local cat shelter (she's a crazy cat lady!).

There was also the fun Christmas photobooth, and she'd organised for cakes, brownies and homemade sausages rolls all to be available.  They looked super yummy, but after Afternoon Tea yesterday I decided to be good!  I bought a little gingerbread man to hang on my Christmas tree and a packet of some gorgeous marshmallow fudge for my Mister that June had made herself!  I also bought a tombola ticket and won some gorgeous wax melts, but I'll come to those later.  Spot the Paris picture too?  I couldn't keep my eyes off it!!

Next up, there was the lovely and super friendly Liz Cairns, a Holistic Practitioner for Inspire Holistics who was selling gorgeous scented goodies in the form of sprays, hand creams, lip balms and lotions.  She had a spray that was like Christmas in a bottle (AMAZING!) which left Serendipity smelling festive all day long!  Liz is a consultant for Neal's Yard so her products were from there.  She's also a Reiki practitioner! I don't know much about Holistic remedies, but Liz was so easy to talk to and so much fun, and her products smelled beautiful!  If only I'd had some more money with me, I'd definitely have bought one of the sprays!

Next to Liz, we had Lorraine from 'The Crab Shack', with her beautiful handmade and bespoke candles and my new found favourite, wax melts!  Lorraine's melts were even more exciting though as she had some Chanel No 5 and Coco Mademoiselle melts, perfect for a Chanel enthusiast like me!!  It was 5 melts for £2, so I got two of the Mademoiselle, one No 5, and two fir tree (it is Christmas after all!).  Going back to the tombola, I also won a packet of melts donated by Lorraine, so I'm suitably stocked up now until next Christmas!!  Lorraine was lovely and such a giggle, it was lovely to meet such nice people!

                                                        Lorraine having photobooth fun!

The next stall was my lovely Mama L's; she was selling all her knitted goodies.  My Mam is a super-talented lady, I'm so proud of her!  She's been knitting like a trouper and has sold so many owls and hedgehogs in funky tinsel wool that she must have been dreaming about them!!

She sold quite a few bits and pieces today, but still has some stock left so if anyone local (Sunderland and surrounding areas) is interested in any of her pieces for stocking fillers, please let me know and I'll pass on the message!  The penguins and gingerbread men are my personal favourites!

Next up we had Louise from LCG Creations, who is a real whizz on a sewing machine and had some amazing stuff for sale, including stags heads, felt gingerbread men and beautiful handmade bags (I did a course in the summer with Louise where I made a makeup bag and she was a lovely teacher!).  I loved the deer heads, a bargain at £15!

Opposite to Louise's stall was John James Addison, a local photographer who has photographed the likes of Robbie Williams and Ed Sheeran (I saw one of the Ed Sheeran photographs-so good!).  He had loads of prints for sale of photographs he had taken of everything from beautiful landscapes at sunset, to trees decorated with Christmas lights!  I absolutely adore photography (even though I'm not that great at it!) so it was lovely to have a browse through all of the prints.  John was so nice and even offered to do some photography with me for my singing work; it's lovely to make new contacts!

Finally, there was a little stall of a mish-mash of goodies from the lovely Lesley.  There were some really cute little bits and pieces at bargain prices, including a cute little wallet and watch for only £3.  I didn't really get a chance to speak to Lesley, but I'm pretty sure she almost sold out!  Definitely some happy shoppers there!

And then there was me, singing by the most beautifully decorated tree!  I love Christmas so much!

I had such a lovely day, as I always do at Serendipity! Thanks so much to June for having me back to sing, and for all of the lovely stall holders and customers who made the day so much fun!

Ooh and I almost forgot, thanks June for the Paris picture as my thank you present for singing, I'm so glad it came home with me!




  1. eee!! This looks so lovely!! I love festive evenings like this! Sounds like you had a lovely time xx

    Abi |


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