Saturday, 13 December 2014

Day 13: A little trip to York with my VBF...

Hello lovelies!

Day 13 of Coco's advent takes us back to last Sunday, when I had a trip to York with my lovely best friend Natalie. I love Christmas, and our December days out are the icing on the cake when it comes to feeling festive and spreading Christmas cheer!

We started the day with a nice wintery drink at Costa, to fill us up and keep us going right through until our late lunch that we'd booked at Jamie's Italian.  I chose a lovely skinny Sticky Toffee Latte and Natalie opted for a skinny White Hot Chocolate.  The Sticky Toffee Latte was delicious, so sweet I didn't need a sweetener and tasted lovely and festive!  We resisted the cakes in favour of sour cherry and almond cake for dessert at Jamie's, but Costa did have a deliciously mouthwatering selection on offer!

After our tummies were full and warm, we headed up to have a look at what the gorgeous little Christmas market had to offer.  The beautiful decorations and Christmas scents were heavenly, from cinnamon to Mulled wine.

There were so many beautiful things on offer that I couldn't decide what to bring home, and after being at the Durham Christmas market the Friday before, there wasn't really much else I could justify buying!  However, we did both buy one of the hearts filled with dried oranges, bay leaves, cinnamon and other Christmas delights.  Hanging up at home they smell absolutely gorgeous, and at two for £10 they were a great little bargain at £5 each!!

York is like no other city in the country.  It has loads of great shops but still manages to feel so quaint that even when it's busy it doesn't seem to have that city hustle and bustle feel.  We wandered around for ages getting some last minute Christmas gifts and taking in the merry atmosphere.

 Little trees decorated the walls of the Shambles...

And I couldn't resist a photo of this Olaf cookie in Millie's window!

One of our quests this time in York was to track down some gorgeous salted caramel fudge which would provide the perfect treat for our train journey home.  We love salted caramel and choose it wherever we go!!  So off we hoped to the Fudge Kitchen to see what we could find...


Everything looked delicious, but there was no Salted-Caramel, so again we chose to be good and wait for our meal and dessert.

I managed to get a few things on our trip that I needed to finish off my Christmas presents (I won't mention them in case anyone is reading!) and Natalie got herself a gorgeous French Connection dress for work in the sale, as well as some Christmas bits and bobs too.  After admiring the lovely and unusual tree outside of Fenwicks and doing what we had to do, it was time to head to Jamie's for a lovely and well-earned lunch!

The Bauble Tree!

As we are gold card members, Natalie used her card this time, so we were given a lovely appetiser of Truffle soup, which was a perfect little starter for our meal.  We also had a Berry Blast to wash it down; a gorgeous and fruity non-alcoholic cocktail that is a perfect thirst-quencher (spot the Cath Kidston bag-I bought Jay-Jay a new collar; it's blue with red stars, but shhhh its for Christmas!).

For our main course, we both ordered Sausage Pappardelle which I've had before and it's delicious, take my word for it! It's Free Range pork sausages in a tomato ragu, with breadcrumbs and Parmesan yummy! And it didn't disappoint!

We made sure we left enough room for cake though...but we were disappointed as there was none left! NO SOUR CHERRY AND ALMOND CAKE!!!! After being disappointed with the lack of salted caramel fudge earlier in the day, we had to think on our feet, so we decided to pay up without dessert, and head back to Costa for this...

...Raspberry and almond tart!! Thank you Costa for making our cakey dreams come true!

So with full tummies and empty purses we headed back for the train!  I love our Christmas adventures and can't wait for our next one!

Have you been anywhere that's made you feel festive?



  1. I don't think I've ever been to York at Christmas, it looks so beautiful and festive.

    Grrrrr hate when you go to a restaurant planning on a certain dessert and then they don't have it. I've been know to shout "nooooooooo!!!"

    1. Its always so lovely every year :) and so relaxed! Yeah we were so gutted haha! Xx


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