Friday, 12 December 2014

Day 12: Paloma Faith

Hello lovelies!

For Day 12 of my Coco's advent series, I thought I'd upload the photos that I took when I went to see Paloma Faith a few weeks ago at Newcastle City Hall.  I absolutely adore Paloma; she is my singing idol.  I love how unique and out there she is; she seems so down to earth and that's before mentioning her amazing vocal ability!!  I'd seen her live before, but this time I was lucky enough to get hold of some front row tickets when I booked, so I was doubly excited! Also, it was the first time my Mister had ever seen her live, and he loves her!

I never take my Bridge camera to gigs as it's a bit bulky, so these were all taken on my little Samsung point and shoot camera, but I was really pleased with the outcome.  I stupidly forgot to put a memory card in the camera, so these were all the shots I could get (I edited as I went along!) but as there were no costume or elaborate set changes I think what I got was probably enough!  We had such an amazing night! Paloma sang for about an hour and a half.  She mainly concentrated on stuff from the 'Perfect Contradiction' album, but I absolutely adored her cover of 'River Deep, Mountain High'.  She really involves the crowd with her humour; its almost like you're listening to her chat in her living room!  She's hilarious!  But her vocals were phonomenal; I almost cried when she first came on stage (which is something I never do at gigs!) but being that close to your idol when she's on form is quite overwhelming! I know, I'm a loser!!

Sadly, I won't be able to go and see Paloma on her arena tour, but if you're interested in going I'd say she's pretty amazing!  Tickets are still available here.  And if you still need convincing, here's a little video of her nailing the high part of 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This' that I took on the tour.  You're welcome :)

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