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Paris Day 6-Visiting Chanel

Hello lovelies!

I'm so sorry for the blogging hiatus, I've had so much on with work!  Today I've finally gotten round to blogging again and can tell you all about my final day in Paris, thus bringing my Paris series to an end (sob!). Day 6 was the day I was most excited about in many ways, as it was the day I finally got to visit the Mothership that is Chanel at Rue Cambon.  Those of you that have been reading my blog for a while will know how much I absolutely love Chanel and I've longed to visit the famous Rue Cambon store ever since watching the film 'Coco Chanel'.  More on that later though...

The weather was pretty awful on our last day in Paris, so we decided to use the full day to shop (I say shop, it was mostly window shopping and stroking designer clothes that I couldn't afford).  Paris has two absolutely humongous department stores, Printemps and La Galeries Lafayette so we started our day having a browse around them and buying some last minute souvenirs.  Printemps was my favourite of the two (although LGL is much prettier!). It has an enormous beauty hall and twenty-seven floors of fashion, homewares and  accessories split over three buildings .  I loved strolling around and looking at the designer clothes, but I have to confess after wandering around its many acres the whole experience does become a little overwhelming after a while!  The photo below is the view of the Eiffel Tower and the street below from the Printemps roof terrace (just before the rain really took its hold!).  Because we were shopping, I left my camera in the hotel so our photos in this post are mostly from the iPhone, but you get the idea :).
After probably too much browsing and a bite to eat at Pizza Hut (we're so British!!).  We decided to make our way to Chanel (eeek!).  Due to our exchange rate it's really expensive to shop in Paris but before I'd  even left Newcastle Airport, I knew that I definitely wanted a present from 31 Rue Cambon!!  Shopping in Chanel is an experience like no other.  I'd read mixed reviews before and during our holiday about the store so I was a little apprehensive about visiting but I have to say my experience was amazing from start to finish so if it's okay with you I'm going to share the whole story! So here goes:

On arrival the door is opened for you, leading you into the world of Chanel goodness.  There are staff everywhere, but in Chanel you must wait to be served.  I knew what I wanted, so headed straight to the cosmetics counter and was served straight away by a really lovely saleslady.  She asked me what I wanted and presented me with sizes and prices so I could make the right choice.  I went for a bottle of Coco Mademoiselle (50ml) and some of the absolutely amazing Chanel CC cream, which she tested on my hand to check the shade.  After I had decided, I opted for them both to be gift wrapped (because I knew they'd be wrapped amazingly well!) and they were presented to me in Chanel branded paper, finished with ribbons and the famous white Camille flower.  I was then asked to jot down my details as Chanel 'like to know where all of their customers are in the world'...if it was sales patter I totally bought it!  The lady then gave me some free samples, 'Le Lift' which she told me I should give to my Mam as my skin was far too young for it (thanks!) and a sample of the iconic No 5.  She also complemented me on the ring I was wearing which she thought looked 'very Chanel', which made me beam from ear to ear as I'm sure I only paid about £3 for it from H 'n' M!  I was then led into a small booth (imagine a hotel reception) and looked after by another lady who took my payment.  My receipt was presented to me in a little Chanel card also branded with the Camille flower.  I then went back into the store to get a closer look at the clothes and accessories my bank balance dares to only let me dream about!  It was amazing to be able to touch a Chanel jacket, I know that may sound materialistic but I love the clothes and the history so much!  Finally, I found the iconic glass staircase that Gabrielle used to sit at the top of when debuting her collections in the store.  I didn't realise at the time that I would've been allowed to photograph the staircase, I was too afraid to ask, but here's a photo I found to give you an idea of what it looks like:

Image taken from
Obviously I had to get my photo taken outside of the iconic store, but as my Mister isn't the best photographer in the world, my eyes are closed!! Never mind, I was still there and it's so amazing to say I've been.  If I ever have enough money to buy a Chanel bag I'll definitely be going back to Rue Cambon to get it...the service was amazing!

Since returning home, I was emailed this short film all about Chanel in Paris and realised without really planning to do everything, I had managed to take the Chanel tour whilst I was there!  You can watch it here.

I was really excited to discover that Karl Lagerfeld still works in the headquarters above the Rue Cambon store, and that he may have even been there putting the finishing touches to his new collection whilst I was downstairs buying my goodies.  Who knows?!

My tour of all the Chanel hot spots!

So...I guess that concludes my Paris journey.  I had such an amazing holiday, thanks so much for reading.  Paris will always have my heart, I hope one day I'll get to visit's hoping!


(My collage was edited with  The Chanel video was taken from YouTube via, I do not own it)


  1. Apology accepted, but only because you've come back with another fabulous Paris post :P

    I don't think I went into any shops when I went to Paris, I was too busy climbing up buildings for views. Good excuse to go back though - I'd definitely like to visit La Galeries Lafayette.

    OMG how beautiful is that Chanel wrapping, I'm so glad you had a great experience. Walking into designer stores can be so intimidating so I'm very happy they looked after you so well :)


    1. Thanks ha!
      The whole experience was so lovely and it didn't matter that I was only spending a small amount in comparison to some people, I was still treated exactly the same! Yeah you should definitely visit again when you can and the shops are definitely worth a look :) xx

  2. Lovely post Kayleigh! Yet again your pictures have made me miss Paris. It is just so beautiful, even in the rain... Love the Chanel tour collage :) x x x

    1. Thanks Shivani :) Paris is such a photogenic place, I love it so much! xxx

  3. Love it, love it!! Such a gorgeous shop - and you were so restrained!! :) xx

    1. Haha if I'd had loads of money I'd have been dangerous! It was amazing!!! Xx


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