Thursday, 16 October 2014

Event: Love Niche London

Hello lovelies!

A few weeks ago I was kindly invited to the launch of a brand new shopping experience in Newcastle.  Love Niche London was set up by Nisha, who has a wealth of experience in the fashion industry (and is very nice too!) and is a fashion boutique that aims to dress you for that very special occasion, mixing high-street flair with a designer feel.  Unfortunately, I was late to arrive at the event due to work commitments, so when I got there it was already in full swing.  The boutique itself is absolutely stunning!  Imagine Carrie Bradshaw's walk-in wardrobe in the first Sex and the City movie and you'd be coming close to realising how beautiful it really is.

As well as all of the gorgeous delights on show, there were also cocktails and juices for us to sample, gorgeous fruit skewers, popcorn and sweets.

As you can probably see, I started by taking lots of photos of the boutique, then finally got to speak to Nisha who told me that everyone was putting together an outfit, then her team would pick the most stylish one and the blogger that chose it would get to keep it.  Feeling a little flustered at being an hour behind everyone else I got straight to it!  Now if there's one thing I know it's clothes, and I relish this sort of a challenge...think trolley dash in a fashion boutique!  I was quite proud of what I put together in the short amount of time I had, even though I didn't win!  The most hilarious part was that I had rocked up to the event in my Converse so had to borrow a pair of heels from Nisha which were a size too big and very high!  I was walking around the event feeling less sassy and more like Shaggy from Scooby Doo!!

We had some photos taken individually and as a group, and some fun with silly messages on chalkboards, then before I knew it, I was getting changed ready to head back home.

 Danni and Chloe having fun with the props!
 Lovely Princess' Lisa...
...and Danni!

Group shot courtesy of Chloe!

Before we left, Nisha gave us all a gorgeous magnetic bracelet and a goodie bag with the most beautiful smelling wax candle melts inside as a thank you for our attendance.  It was such a fun event, and I want to wish Nisha every success with her business.  Her clothes are gorgeous, the selection is great and the price range is purse friendly too.  You can check out the Love Nice London website here.

Thanks Nisha for the invite!



  1. Yay love it! Such a fun night dressing up :) x

    1. It was! Wish we'd got to keep the jackets though!! Xx

  2. Great outfit choice! I too love clothes, however hate being rushed, so I'd of failed badly at
    Looks like a lovely boutique and such a lovely gesture of a bracelet. :)


    1. Thanks lovely :) it was a bit stressful but a great night and I love my bracelet :)



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