Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A short post: What I bought in Paris...

Hey!  I was going to attempt a video haul of the things I bought in Paris, but as I haven't a clue how to edit video I decided to use a good old-fashioned photo!  I didn't go mad shopping in Paris, but here's a little look at what I bought!  You can read all about my Chanel purchases here in my previous post.  I bought a French Vogue just to see what it was like (plus I thought it was quite cool!), and my little golden Eiffel Tower cost me 1 E 50 (about £1) from a little shop in Montmartre, much cheaper than it would've been nearer the Tower!  I absolutely loved the Grand Palais, so the two postcards are images of that (I bought them when I was there from the gift shop).  The little gold coin also has an image on it of the Grand Palais.  The Laduree bag had my macaroons in that I bought from the little shop on Rue Royale (read about it here!).  They were absolutely delicious and really worth the money, even though they were around 16 E!!  The image of Vogue with the lady in the hat was a purchase I made from a street seller along the banks of the River Seine.  I'm going to frame it once I decorate our bedroom.  I thought it was really chic and only cost about 4 E!  Finally, I bought myself the Grandiose mascara from Lancome in the airport.  I looked at it in Sephora, but I'm glad I waited as it was slightly cheaper. I absolutely love it, and love how easy it is to apply with the shape of the wand!  I would really recommend it!



  1. I am dying to go to Paris!!! And reading all your lovely posts have only made me more hopeful that I'll go soon. Lovely Chanel experience! :)

    1. Oh Rachael you really must go when you have the chance it's so amazing! I was so worried that I'd be disappointed after wanting to go for so long, but it exceeded every expectation. I'm definitely going to go back as soon as I can! Thank you for your lovely comment, if you ever get there you'll have to tell me all about it! Thanks for reading :) xx

  2. I have no idea about editing videos either so I just do mine in one take ... no pressure :D We'll have to get Emma to give us a master class :D


    1. Haha I don't even think I have the right equipment!!!



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