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Part 4: A Saturday in Paris...

Hello lovelies!

Sorry for my lack of postage this week, I have been super busy with work!  But here we are with Paris part 4, the first of three more posts on the blog.

Okay, so day 4 in Paris happened to be a Saturday and it was a bit of an exploration day so again this post is photo heavy!  We wanted to avoid the Champs Elysee expecting it to be hectic, so we headed in the opposite direction to see what we could find.

 A busy day needs a good breakfast...croissants all round!
Ever the fashion girl...I was so excited to see this GIGANTIC Burberry...squeeeee!
From the day we decided to go to Paris, I definitely knew I wanted to visit the original Chanel store on Rue Cambon (in honour of my blog of course!) so for all we knew we weren't dressed up enough for it, we decided to hunt it out anyways for future reference (31 Rue Cambon will feature more heavily in my final Paris post).  Spotting it was like a dream come true!  The windows were so beautifully dressed that I could almost feel myself being sucked in to touch the famous boucle fabric...but alas all things come to those who wait!  Here's a little sneak peek though for all of my Coco dreamers...

The mothership...31 Rue Cambon...

The story goes that although Mme Chanel had an apartment about the famous flagship store, her favourite place to reside of an evening was The Ritz, a stone's throw away from Rue Cambon, so in homage to my idol I wanted to make sure that I found that too.  But as we headed next to the Jardin des Tuileries, I didn't have to look very far, as the famous monument was standing proud from Place Vendome for all to see...
...decked out from head to toe in scaffolding.  Needless to say I was less than impressed.  Sheesh, how dear they restore it whilst I was visiting??!! (joking of course...I'm not the Queen but I would've really liked to have seen it!!!).  Anyway, off to Jardin des Tuileries we trotted and it really is quite spectacular, particularly in the August sunshine.  But don't take my word for it, here it is...

The gardens lead to the Louvre, and it was so amazing to finally see it in all of its glory.  Because it was super busy, we decided not to go inside especially as the weather was so nice, but we had loads of fun taking some snaps of it from the outside, whilst watching other people do the same.  The Louvre really is quite impressive (it's absolutely huuuuge!) and along with many of the other buildings in Paris, it has the most amazing architecture.  Then of course there's also the famous Pyramid which looks completely out of place stood in front of it, but there's something quite chic about the old versus new feel of the place.
 A perfect photobomb from my Mister!
From the Louvre, we headed to Notre Dame to take a closer look.  I honestly think that Notre Dame really is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen.  Standing at the foot of it really is quite an experience, and it brought back lots of memories from seeing the Disney film when I was a little girl (I loved the Gargoyles!). 
Next, we headed for a stroll around the Latin Quarter (which offers every type of cuisine you could ever think of!) and by this point we'd worked up a massive appetite!  There were so many culinary delights on offer, so of course we went for McDonalds...again!  I have to say though, I had the most amazing tomato and mozzarella pasta salad there, I really wish McDonald's was as amazing here in Blighty!

The next stop on our adventure was Jardin du Luxembourg.  Another thing Parisians have got off to a fine art is how to create and maintain a beautiful garden!  With the beautiful flowers and the glorious sunshine I could've sat there all day long!
 The Palais du Luxembourg
Since coming home, I discovered that the original Statue of Liberty (the American one is in fact a replica) is somewhere in the grounds of the Jardin du Luxembourg and I'm so disappointed that I didn't get to see it, but I guess it's always an excuse to plan another Parisian adventure, right?  (see the original statue here!)

Coming out of the gardens, we realised we had made it all the way to Saint-Germain, quite a way out from where we were originally headed.  SG feels incredibly Parisian and is full of quaint little shops and quirky little monuments.  I found a little pre-loved vintage shop which sold Chanel bags but at 1600 Euros unfortunately I could only afford to drool at them through the window *sigh*.  One day day!

 Me and my new friend...!
Saint-Germain street art!

Next on the agenda was the Musee D'Orsay, a place high up on my to do list before we visited Paris.  This museum (as I might have mentioned in a previous post) is a converted rail station, so for me it was all about the architecture again rather than the art (although I did enjoy looking at the Monet as he's always been one of my favourite artists!).  It was also nice to have a cup of tea in the little restaurant on the top floor below the old station clock!

 A lovely view of the Sacre Coeur from the Musee D'Orsay roof...
...and the beautiful architecture from inside.

By this point we had walked A LOT so our final destination of the day was to head back to The Eiffel Tower as I wanted to try and get a really good black and white photograph of it to have made into a canvas print for our wall at homeHere is the chosen one...
...I'm really proud of it and can't wait to have it developed!  It's nice to have a permanent memory of our wonderful holiday at home to cherish forever!
We rounded off the day at the Jardins du Trocadero, not too far away from the Pont De l'Alma road where Princess Diana sadly passed awayEveryone that was alive when it happened remembers where they were and what they we doing that very tragic day.  I truly believe that you have to make your own positives in life, and this picture of my gorgeous Mister is mine...and will be what I associate with that very sad place from now onBe thankful every day for what you have.

I hope you enjoyed day four, until next time lovelies



  1. It looks like you guys have had such an amazing time! I can't wait to hear more about the trip! I'd love to go back to Paris and just explore it!
    Kloe xx

    1. Thanks for your comment lovely, we totally did it was amazing! Yeah you definitely should :) xxx

  2. Love the photos! Aw it looks like you both had such an amazing time :) xx

  3. Wow you crammed a lot into day 4! Bet your feet were tired x


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