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Paris...Part deux...

Bonjour mes amies!

Okay, so this post is the second part of my Paris journal; day two in the city of lights!  I've just got to warn you that it's going to be quite photo heavy as we did so much stuff on our second day!  Hopefully the photos will make it more interesting though!

The first thing on our agenda on day two, was a river cruise along the Seine followed by lunch.  We were up bright and early so we could do a little bit more exploring, which meant my lovely Mister was in need of caffeine to kick start the day.

I loved just sitting in the street drinking coffee (there are tonnes of Starbucks' in Paris!).  We brushed up on our French before we travelled to Paris, but Chris ordered these because he's a lot braver than me! He ended up paying for three coffees in the confusion but hey, that's all part of the fun!

We wandered along the Seine ready to board for our boat trip.  There's loads to see and do along the banks of the Seine, whether you're having a boat trip or not you'll really be amazed by the climbing frames, skate parks, mini-gardens and seating areas.  There's no chance of ever being bored in Paris!

 We boarded at 11am, with Bateaux Parisiens.  We had pre-booked a lunch time cruise but we chose one where you eat afterwards, as we really didn't want to miss the sights by having to concentrate on eating at the same time!  There are loads of photos, so I've tried to make each little explanation after each one brief!  If you want to learn more about any of the buildings, there's so much info all over the internet about them...just give them a Google!  We were so lucky too, as we sailed in glorious sunshine which made it even more amazing!

 This is the Grand Palais...I am OBSESSED with this building (it will feature quite heavily later as we visited it after the boat trip.  It was originally a palace, but is now used for touring exhibitions.  I know it as being the place where the Chanel shows take place in Paris during fashion week!  I love the glass roof (which was modelled on Crystal Palace in London!) and it has the most stunning architecture!
 One of the bridges along the Seine
 This is the Pont Alexandre III near Les Invalides and the Grand Palais...it's probably the most beautiful bridge along the Seine (hence all of the photos!)
 The 'Assemblee Nationale' also known as the Palais Bourbon
 The Musee D'Orsay, this again will feature in a later post, but it is an art gallery in a converted rail station!
 The back of The Louvre (I think...!)
 Love lock bridge...again, watch this space for more details on this!
 The Notre Dame...So impressive! I tried to zoom in a little too so you could make out the Gargoyles!
 This is where we span around to come back along the river...
 Supposedly the prettiest view of Notre Dame...
 Pont Marie...the luckiest bridge in Paris.  If you make a wish under it, it is supposed to come true!
 Palais de l'institut de France
 My favourite fact...this is the smallest house in Paris!
 More from the Musee D'Orsay...
 ...the Grand Palais...
...and the Pont Alexandre III

Pretty soon we were docking for lunch at Bateaux Parisien.  The ticket entitled us to a hot buffet, but to be honest for what it was and for the price we'd paid it wasn't really worth the money!  Chris got Lasagne on it's own (as that's all he was allowed!!!) and I got chicken with rice and some sauce.  I enjoyed my meal, but we had to pay for our drinks on top.  If you're going for a boat trip in Paris, it's probably much better value to eat on the boat.  Or if you're going early like us, maybe a patisserie would be a much better option. Nevertheless, I was hungry and the chicken was delicious!

After lunch, we headed down towards the Pont Alexandre III and over to Les Invalides and the Ecole Militaire.  The architecture in Paris is stunning, so I couldn't resist wandering around the grounds and taking some snaps.  I wanted my Mister to straddle a canon (ha!) but I think he was too embarrassed, so there's a photo in there of him gingerly sitting on one...bless him!

Then we headed to the Grand Palais (eeek!).  Because of the Chanel connection (this is I dream of Coco after all!), I had to go in.  The building is so fabulous, and every side of it has more stunning architecture than the last.
This was also my first real attempt to strike up a French conversation, as I bought out tickets for the Palais (I was proud as punch haha!).  There was a science exhibition on whilst we were there which was okay, but to be honest I was more excited about seeing the building from the inside!  I even bought a couple of postcards and a coin from the gift shop!  I love the Grand Palais so much!!
Below are a few sciency shots!

Whilst at the Grand Palais, we also hopped across the road to visit the Petite Palais, which is equally as beautiful and admission is free.  By this point, we were a little bit tired of wandering round exhibitions (as I'm sure you probably are too from all the photos...sorry!) so we took a few photos before heading back to get ready for the evening.  But for those of you that are interested and have lasted this far and managed to stay awake (well done and thanks lovelies!) here is the beautiful Petite Palais and its gardens!

For our evening out, we decided to chose somewhere swanky to eat...so we went with Pomze, which was right near our hotel.  Pomze incorporates apple into all of of its dishes to create unique flavours, and I have to say my meal was really delicious! I had gazpacho to start, followed by half cooked white-seared tuna, and the best raspberry cheesecake ever for desert.  It is by far the poshest cuisine I have ever had! There was even a pianist playing as we ate.  Because of the set up I didn't really want to take photos of my food, but there are plenty for you to drool over on Yelp here!  Here's what we wore...

This Topshop dress (sale, £10) was going to be my 'Eiffel Tower' dress, but after we'd had our meal at Pomze, we had to hurry down to the tower as we'd pre-booked tickets, so in the end it was a quick change and my running trainers!  I'm not going to talk much about the tower other than to say you've never really seen it until you see it at night.  I know that the Parisians think it is an eye-sore, particularly with it's night time light show, but honestly it is so beautiful!  I'll let the pictures do the talking now...but I was totally in awe of it!

And of course there's the view from up it (ours are from the first and second platforms)...

The view is amazing at night, and really romantic!  I'm really glad I got to share it all with my Mister, as it's so breathtaking and a memory now that we'll share forever...now all that's left to decide is when to go back!!!

So after a long and busy day we fell into our beds around midnight!
I really hope you enjoyed our Paris day two, thanks for reading!




  1. Lovely to see your photos full size! <3

  2. So so beautiful!

    I was a bit of a French geek at school and got an A grade GCSE. You'd think that'd mean I'd be great at chattering away in Frwnch but I'm useless and barely remember any of it!

    I went to Starbucks in Paris and had the most amazing caramel macchiato, I've never had one like it and it's stuck with me all these years

    Wish I'd gone up the Eiffel Tower at night now! Ah well, I'll just have to go back :p

    Chloe x

    1. Yeah I think any excuse you can get you def need to go back! The tower was unbelievable at night, so good! I wasn't bothered we didn't go to the top either because I loved what we could see from the second floor! Paris is amazing I'm so in love!! Xx

  3. Wow,somewhere I've always dreamed of going and definitely plan on going in my lifetime. I feel lucky to have a glimpse at Paris through your post and all these beautiful photos,the buildings are so beautiful, looks so romantic and picturesque, aw and you both look so sweet and happy. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my post :) x

    1. Aw thanks for your lovely comment Kayleigh :) Paris is so so amazing and I'd always wanted to go too, I'd really recommend it! Let me know if you're ever going and I'll recommend the best places we visited! Thanks for stopping by, it's always lovely to hear from you :) xx


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